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What is Office 365

what-is-office-365Often, we get so lost in the depth of our Office 365 services, that we don’t realize some people are still asking, What is Office 365? Well, we like to think of Office 365 as your modern business in the cloud.

Maybe you’re new around your office, or you’re ready to step up your game since you’ve been standing pretty stagnant over the past few years and it’s about time for a raise. Either way, you’ve got big plans. That’s why you’re looking towards technology that can grow alongside with you, offering power, agility, and protection, all while giving your organization’s employees the freedom to work how and where they work best.

The cool thing about Office 365 is that it all starts with your familiar Office in the cloud. But with Office 365, you not only get the latest Office applications like Word, Excel, and Publisher, but you also get much more including business-class email, online meetings, private social networking and collaboration, unlimited online document storage and file sharing, and technical support, all with a financially-backed SLA.

Choose Between Flexible Plans that Let You Mix and Match Services For Your People

And with the cloud, you’re always up to date. With access to your documents anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Percentage of Uptime Guarantee
Percentage of Multi-Location Employees
Percentage of Organizations Looking to The Cloud

So after answering your question, What is Office 365, we want to talk a little about how business is better with Office 365!

  • Office 365 Changes the Way Work is Done
    Get work done from anywhere.

    Wherever your people are, online or offline, they can get to—and work with—the most up-to-date versions of the files and tools they need to get things done. And they can do it on virtually any device.

    Work better together — simply.

    Office 365 offers business-class email, shared calendars, IM, web conferencing, and access to the most up-to-date documents stored in the cloud. You can work together in real time without compromising security.

  • And How Companies Consume IT
    Reduce your capital expenditure.

    Office 365 is available as a simple monthly subscription. Avoid large up-front costs for new software while moving the cost of IT from capital to operating expense.

    Cut hardware and energy costs.

    Without servers to run for email, websites, and document storage, you can reduce energy costs and save by no longer purchasing new server hardware.

    Scale your business quickly.

    Office 365 grows with you. Adding a new user is as simple as buying an additional license.

    License per user.

    Simplify licensing while providing each user access to business critical technology on 5 PCs/Macs and 5 mobile devices. Save money when compared to traditional, per-device licensing.