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Office 365 Skype for Business


Strategic SaaS helps customers utilize Microsoft’s Office 365 Skype for Business platform as a unified communications tool to enhance organizational communication and collaboration and reduce costs by connecting employees, partners, and customers wherever they are. Office 365 Skype for Business delivers your organization a communications tool that gives your users a consistent experience for presence, IM, voice, and video across any device and/or browser of each user’s choice. We can assist you with your move to the cloud during deployment and migration, while managing your business transformation and move to the cloud.

Strategic SaaS offers deployment and migration services for Skype for Business that will allow you to:

  • Get up and running quickly
  • Work from virtually anywhere
  • Increase your productivity
  • Hybrid deployment scenarios

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What is Skype for Business?

As communication and collaboration technologies have evolved, they have done so independently, creating communication silos. For most companies today, telephone, email, IM, audio/video conferencing, web conferencing, etc. all live in their own disconnected silos. Add to that all of the things we are using in our daily lives – the result is an enormous headache for the end user. Ultimately, communication is disconnected, and collaboration and innovation are hindered.

These independent silos have led to redundancies and inefficiencies for the IT administrator as well. It has become difficult and expensive to maintain them and to ensure each is in compliance with business and government regulations, and is secure and manageable in the long term.

Skype for Business is the solution.

Skype for Business is an enterprise-ready Unified Communications platform, that connects hundreds of millions of people everywhere as part of their everyday productivity experience. Skype for Business provides a consistent experience for presence, instant messaging, voice, video and a great meeting experience.

Skype for Business reduces complexity by putting people at the center of the communications experience, integrating all of the ways we contact each other in a single environment while providing businesses with the power to choose how they provision those services.

With Skype for Business as the Unified Communications platform, IT administrators are able to modernize their operations and simplify administration with Active Directory, common data store, and a shared set of archive and compliance tools, across multiple UC components (e.g. email and instant messaging)