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Reduce Costs, Improve Reliability and Security by Moving Your Active Directory to the Cloud

microsoft-azure-iot-suiteA hybrid IT model, where a business moves some but not all of their IT to the cloud, has become popular among small- and medium-sized businesses over the last few years. This kind of hybrid model allows an enterprise to maintain control of key IT assets in-house, while utilizing lower cost cloud services where it makes sense for their business model.

However, the cloud tends to grow on you. For most businesses, the numerous security, operational, cost and productivity advantages you enjoy from using cloud services leads to moving more of your IT operations off premises. Many eventually make the plunge and get rid of expensive in-house IT infrastructure altogether.

If you’re ready to start moving more of your operations to the cloud, you should consider migrating your Active Directory server.

Your Active Directory server is the central nexus of your network. Windows Server AD manages identities, access and passwords so that the various members of your team have access to everything they need to get their job done.

An on-premises AD server may be adequate for the needs of some small businesses, but larger businesses or businesses with web-related business models will enjoy numerous benefits from moving their AD to the cloud.

The first thing you need to know is that if you’re using Office 365 for email and/or document management, then you’ve already got a place in the cloud for your AD. Microsoft’s Azure AD Identity and Access Management Solution is included with Office 365, so you’ve already got an address in the cloud for your AD when you’re ready to make the move.

With Azure AD, you can count on highly reliable directory services, identity governance, cutting-edge security, and application access management.

Advantages of Moving Your AD into Azure

Moving your AD to the cloud saves money and increases operational flexibility. For starters, no more expenses related to purchasing or maintaining your on-premises AD server, and a reduction in labor overhead.

Keeping your AD server in the cloud also improves both reliability and security, and has become the preferred model for modern “distributed firms”, where employees work with a variety of devices from various locations across the globe.

Most importantly, the move to Azure AD is completely transparent to the end user. Your team members will have the exact same single sign-on network and app access permissions as they had before you migrated your expensive on-premises AD server to the cloud.

You can also rest assured the migration will not result in notable network downtime, and you’ll be back to business as usual in no time.

Moving your AD to the Azure Cloud

Moving your AD server to the cloud is a relatively straightforward process. The first and most important decision is choosing the right cloud partner. If you’re already using Office 365 for email or other IT services, then migrating your AD to Microsoft Azure makes the most sense.

Next, consult with your partner and decide what kind of server capacity and connections you need for your AD. All that remains is to set up a test environment to confirm full functionality, and then migrate the server to Azure. The entire process of moving your AD to the Azure cloud will only take a few weeks.

Let the cloud migration experts at Strategic SaaS show you how easy migrating your AD server to the cloud can be. Call or email to set up a free 30-minute consultation, and learn more about how a move to the Azure cloud can save you money and improve productivity.


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