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PST Migration

Getting your email data by way of a PST Migration into Office 365 can cause some stress, but there are many ways to minimize the pain.

pst-migrationSo you’ve decided to make the move to Office 365. Now you face big questions. How do you get your email data into Office 365? What data are you really sure you want to move? And just how do you migrate the data while ensuring the data remains unchanged from a compliance perspective? Have you analyzed where your data currently resides? Is it in Exchange or another email system? In PSTs?

It’s quite possible you may not have all that data in one place. You may have email data in mailboxes and/or strewn about your network in PST files on users’ desktops.

PST files were not designed to handle the rigorous demands of today’s large-scale corporate email requirements. However, many organizations have created PST files in various locations over the years.

Ultimately, these files create more problems than they solve and are one of the main reasons why organizations eventually seek an enterprise archiving solution.

While the technical process for a PST migration is straightforward, developing the strategy to determine which and how much email to migrate, and how to classify them once they are moved can be a challenging process.

In contrast to the typical method of manual PST import via Outlook, Strategic SaaS can migrate those PSTs to Microsoft Office 365 mailboxes and make their data easily accessible to end users without access limitations and the risk of data loss. Furthermore, moving PST data to the server level allows IT administrators’ better control over the data and enables e-Discovery, enforcement of email retention policies, and ensures compliance.

Our services can be tailored either for some part of a specific project or an entire enterprise-wide program. We help organizations bring PST files under centralized control to improve compliance and reduce litigation risk.

  • Your PST Migration with Strategic SaaS

    Our team at Strategic SaaS has decades of knowledge and experience in PST migration and file management and understands the challenges associated with enterprise email:

    • Lack of management control over how many PST files are created and what they contain

    • Propensity for data/intellectual property loss

    • Increased storage requirements due to PST file duplication

    • Lack of compliance around content retention management

    • Limited ability to search PST files

    Our PST migration service does not place any additional burden on your internal resources. Our team is able to perform this service remotely – with minimal impact on the your work environment.

  • Benefits of Your PST Migration

    Our PST migration service is designed to help you gain control over PST data and provides the following benefits:

    • All mailbox data is now managed by IT vs. control by the end user
    • All compliance and management capabilities now apply to the PST data
    • PST mail is transformed to avoid typical issues associated with the x500 address (i.e. all reply scenarios are supported)
    • Reduced end user support required from IT
    • Reduced end user downtime during mailbox migration projects
  • PST Migration to Office 365

    Our tool can perform your PST migration to Office 365 mailboxes, which come with a much higher than average 50 gigabyte size limit per mailbox. Migrating those PSTs to Office 365 makes them easily accessible, and saves on physical storage costs.

    In addition, migrating PST archives, our tool not only expands your options for migrations, it also circumvents any throttling or bottlenecking inherent to the source messaging system, as unlike mailboxes, the PST files can be removed from the messaging system, then migrated. They still contain the same information, they’re just not limited by in-system hurdles. Ideal for migrating to any Exchange server or Office 365 at maximum speed, and for consolidating your scattered or disparate archives.