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bulleeyeThese ten posts absolutely crushed it in providing the most valuable content to our readership.   Not surprisingly, our most popular blog posts have centered around Office 365, including plan comparison, successful deployment, and value-add features.  For both first-time readers and long-time followers, here’s a round-up of these posts to help you get ahead of the game.

1.  Office365 Plan Comparison:  E1 vs. E3 vs. E5

If you’ve been looking into Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Plans for your business, you’re well aware there are a few options to choose from!   With each successive level of E1, E3, and E5, you get more, but what exactly is included in each plan when you migrate to Office 365?  Read our most popular blog post off all time for our Office 365 Plan Comparison.

2.  The Pros and Cons of Skype for Business

When Microsoft bought Skype, the company had big plans to infuse the communications platform with their existing voice and video solution, Office 365 Lync. In the past couple of years, they have managed to successfully maintain that integration, while adding features that users across both platforms could access. In our second most popular blog, we outline some of the reasons this integration is going so well, as well as some potential problems you may want to be on the lookout for.

3.  Skype for Business vs. GoToMeeting:  Technology Showdown

Can I just say goodbye to my GoToMeeting account and all of its fees if I decide to join Skype for Business?  The short answer: Yes!  In our third most popular blog post, we share how you can use Skype for Business and all of its features to streamline your collaboration inside and outside of your company.

4.  Email Archiving Solutions:  Office 365 vs Mimecast

In-place archiving and central repository archiving offer very similar services of archiving old emails but with two very different approaches. While both solutions can be utilized for compliance retention purposes and typical retention policies, we think Office 365 email archiving offers a more integrated, robust, cost-effective, and secure solution for Office 365 customers.  Read this blog post to learn why.

5.  Office 365 E5 to Replace E4:  Is It the Right Plan for You?

Is the E5 Office 365 plan right for you and worth the upgrade?  E5 offers new features, including advanced security features for eDiscovery, end user and organizational analytics, Cloud PBX, and PSTN Conferencing. But what does this all mean to you? 

6.  Office 365 Business Premium or E3?

After you have made the decision to move your email and productivity services into the Microsoft Cloud, you must select the plan that matches your business requirements. An Office 365 selection is not a simple process as Microsoft Office 365 has a number of suites which are similar in many ways. But there are critical distinctions which must be considered. In this blog post, we’ve summarized the differences between Office 365 Business Premium and Office 365 E3 which continues to confuse buyers.

7. 5 Tips to a Successful Office 365 Deployment

In order to have a successful Office 365 deployment, you need to take the right steps to ensure prime results. With a holistic migration strategy and proper up front planning, companies can manage the potential risks of disruption to end users and ensure a smooth transition to the cloud.  In this blog post, we share five key steps to a make your deployment successful.

8.  10 Hidden Office 365 Features We Think You Should Know About

Using Office 365 but not fully aware of its feature-set? Getting the most out of your business investment is important, but because Office 365 is cloud-based, new features are constantly being deployed. In this blog post, we made of list of our favorite — some new and some old — Office 365 features!

9.  Office 365 E1 vs. Business Essentials Plan Comparison

If you’re leaning more towards the E1 or Business Essentials plans, the differences between these two plans may be confusing. In this blog post you will find an Office 365 E1 vs. Business Essentials plan comparison that should answer all of your questions!

10.  What a Free Office 365 Migration Will Actually Cost You

Unfortunately, the old saying “nothing is free in the world” applies to this situation as well. So just because the email migration is free doesn’t mean it’s worth it.   This blog post will help you look beyond the migration to see what a company is actually going to charge for their other services.


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