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Office 365: The New Admin Center Navigation Reference Guide

This is the first blog in a series titled “Empowering the Office 365 Administrator.” This series will seek to bring helpful tools and tips to IT Administrators and Power Users who have been entrusted with managing Office 365 services for their organizations. The series will also highlight common problems and how to prevent and resolve them, and quick and easy ways to get the most out of Office 365.

To start our series, we decided to look at one of the biggest and most recent changes for Office 365 administrators – the Admin Center.



When Microsoft announced several months ago that they would be rolling out a new look, feel, and layout for the Office 365 Admin center, many IT administrators found it difficult to find things and quickly reverted to the “old” Admin center. But for a few reasons, it’s time to start using and getting the most out of the new layout:

♦  Microsoft is not adding any new features to the old Admin Center

♦  The new Admin Center is more organized and includes new features like being able to customize the dashboard

♦  Microsoft will be continually adding new features and improving the new Admin Center

♦  At some point, Microsoft will deprecate and remove the old Admin Center

As we have worked with our customers, the biggest roadblock they mention is knowing how to find what they need in the new layout, especially since they are so familiar with the old layout. We began to make a list of the “old” navigation and the “new” navigation and found it to be a helpful reference, and we are pleased to be able to share this tool with our community of customers, partners, and IT pros.


In the next blog in this series, we’ll highlight the Security & Compliance Center in Office 365 and the powerful features that can be enabled and configured to add an additional layer of security for your organization.

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