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Office 365 Review of Migration Case Studies

At Strategic SaaS, we believe our success happens when we provide our clients with a successful experience — whether it be an Office 365 migration or a SharePoint migration. Check out our Office 365 review case studies below to hear what our clients have to say about their experience with us!

Office 365 Review of Migration Case Study: Civeo


After migrating 1800 users from Exchange 2010 On-Premise to Office 365 in a hybrid environment, Civeo has experienced both increased uptime and decreased costs. Having 24/7 access to email is critical for their users, and now, regardless if their data center is offline, their email is always up and running. “As far as cost reductions, we no longer have to worry about renting servers and firewalls or adding disk space,” Trevor Chichak, Director of Global IT Infrastructure commented. “General maintenance of the software is inexistent, troubleshooting is gone, and backups are done by Microsoft. Office 365 is a solution that has saved both time and money for our team.” Read more.

Office 365 Review of Migration Case Study: Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

office-365-review-anthonys-coal-fired-pizzaAs a result of migrating 100 users without any glitches, Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza (ACFP) has both improved their organizational processes and created a secure and transparent technology environment. “The big thing for us came from a compliance standpoint. We own our data now, and have an agreement with Microsoft. Not only do we have business process security in place now, but our users also now have access to their data wherever they need it. It’s easier than ever before,” Shaw commented. Read more.

Office 365 Review of Migration Case Study: AssetNation

office-365-review-assetnationBecause of their successful Office 365 migration by Strategic SaaS, AssetNation was able to accomplish their disaster recovery goals. In addition, the increase functionality  of the Office 365 migration ecosystem has proven to be a benefit for the company. “Users have already mentioned a more consistent experience compared to our previous Exchange environment,” Ken Smith, Vice President of Technology commented. Read more.

 Office 365 Review of Migration Case Study: Webroot

office-365-review-webrootWith a successful Office 365 migration, Webroot was able to reduce administrative costs and today users enjoy the flexibility of accessing email in the cloud using any device. “Strategic SaaS’ technical knowledge from past email migrations enabled us to move very quickly, solve any problems and even address issues we didn’t anticipate,” commented Mike Henderson, Infrastructure and Support Manager. “Strategic SaaS knew how to get the job done. As a result, we completed the Office 365 migration for Exchange Online 3 weeks ahead of schedule.” Read more.

Office 365 Review of Migration Case Study: ContourGlobal

office-365-review-contourglobalAs a result of their Office 365 migration, ContourGlobal has improved its back-end administration and reduced administrative overhead. Using Office 365, ContourGlobal employees reap the benefits of enhanced collaboration and response time. In addition, with direct access to Microsoft Parter Technical Support, Strategic SaaS has been able to provide ContourGlobal with timely customer support. “Communication, planning, and Strategic SaaS’ expertise from past Office 365 email migration projects allowed us to accomplish a great deal in a short amount of time,” commented Matt Hall, CIO. “This is an example of the way IT should be done.” Read more.

Office 365 Review of Migration Case Study: Highgate Hotels

office-365-review-highgate-hotelsAfter their Office 365 migration, Highgate Hotels has not only improved their administration processes by cleaning up accounts and standardizing email lists, but also reduced collaboration issues seen amongst scattered teams. In addition, the increased functionality of the Office 365 environment has been proven to be a benefit to Highgate. “Easier collaboration has been accomplished with newer, fresher features, and the employees are taking advantage of the improved and consistent global address book,” Johnson commented. Read more.

 Office 365 Review of Migration Case Study: SailPoint

office-365-review-sailpointFor SailPoint, the June 2011 release of Office 365, Microsoft’s powerful cloud solution, was perfectly timed. Office 365 combines familiar Microsoft productivity, collaboration, and communication tools to support workers virtually wherever they are, on almost any device. With monthly pricing that is competitive with Google, Office 365 was within SailPoint’s budget. “Within a year of moving 100 employees to Google, we had to uninstall the plug-in and
move about 150 users to Office 365,” Tim Goldenburg says. “Fortunately, with Strategic SaaS’ support, our transition from Google to Office 365 went very smoothly.” Read more.


 Office 365 Review of Migration Case Study: Barbri

office-365-review-barbiGiven Barbri’s need for advanced communications and maximum archiving capacity, the company selected the Office 365 E3 plan for its enterprise. “It was a forgone conclusion that we would move from Google to Microsoft,” Kaplan notes. “A cost analysis made it clear that we could achieve this most efficiently and effectively using Microsoft Cloud Services. The greatest challenge was migrating our extensive training documents from Google Docs to SharePoint,” Kaplan explains. ”Strategic SaaS took the lead in this transition, exceeding our expectations at every step.” Read more.