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Office 365 E5 to Replace E4 | Is It The Right Plan for You

o36535thumbThe day has come and Microsoft has just released the new Office 365 E5 suite for businesses. This comes after numerous updates so far this week, but the big question is, is the new E5 Office 365 plan right for you and worth the upgrade? Unlike the limited communication tools of E4, E5 will become the ideal SaaS solution to increase potential customers and communication channels. As E5 is rolling out, you’ll have more unlimited features that you’ve never had in the past, including advanced security features for eDiscovery, end user and organizational analytics, Cloud PBX, and PSTN Conferencing. But what does this all mean?

The New POTS

First, Office 365 E5 brings a whole new level of communication integration to your business and essentially eliminates all needs for a work phone. Microsoft is introducing PSTN conferencing and Cloud PXB supported with Skype for Business to allow users to call virtually anyone without a 3rd party program to connect to callers outside the network. This has been revolutionary for the system because it allows you to hold phone calls through Skype while including callers on cellphones, work phones, and other Skype callers. This means reduced and simplied infrastructure for users unlike the multiple programs and softwares needed before to call outside the Skype Network.

Heightened Security

Is there really such thing as too much security? As the tech industry develops and computer viruses continue to be created, Microsoft continues battling them to support and protect the open-platform companies love with the greatest amount of security. E5 now supports predictive eDiscovery, which will reduce overall risks and costs associated with managing large data archive systems. Office 365 E5 also introduces a heightened URL security system to better protect your hosted websites. And as Microsoft has triumphed in the past, they maintain and provide the transparency you know and trust.  Beyond these updates, E5 has introduced the Customer LockBox that gives business owners more control over their data. Microsoft explains, “Customer Lockbox gives customers explicit control in the very rare instances when a Microsoft engineer may need access to customer content to resolve a customer issue.” This service allows you to have total authority over your data. These new features just add to the already great Microsoft Office 365 security.


One of the biggest improvements that has come with Microsoft’s new Office 365 E5 is the data analytics including Power BI Pro and Delve. Power BI Pro transforms business numbers into accurate and interesting charts, graphs, and interactive visuals. This will transform how you present your business numbers in meetings and proposals, and it’s easier than ever to use. Unlike E4 which only had Power BI, the Pro version can consume streaming data in your dashboard and reports at the fastest rate ever of 10 K rows / hour unlike the 1M/hour E4 is capable of. E5 also includes live updates and more collaboration and communication tools than ever before. Delve has been updated to make it even easier to embed documents and data into all Office programs. For the first time, Office 365 is introducing end-user and organizational analytics for your benefit.

Below is a full plan comparison for all Office 365 plans.
With just a quick look, you can see how Office 365 E5 shines!


Ready for Office 365 E5 to roll out today? We are! Have more questions about switching to Office E5? We can help you out! Contact us for a free consultation! 



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