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[Office 365 Case Study] Civeo Moves to Office 365 During Divestiture

PrintAt a firm where our clients are pivotal to our success, it is very important to document their satisfaction. We assist in a number of migrations, security, and many other cloud consulting services. Case studies and testimonials are telling evidence of the satisfaction from our services. An example of a satisfied Strategic SaaS client is Civeo as shown in their Office 365 case study. Before Civeo decided to pursue an Office 365 migration with its divestiture from Oil States International, they foresaw a need for cloud computing, evaluated their options, and chose to migrate to Office 365 with experienced migration provider. Read Civeo’s case study or one of the many other testimonials about Strategic SaaS facilitating a seamless Office 365 migration.

Civeo’s Office 365 Case Study

Company Overview

Civeo, headquartered in Houston, TX, is one of the largest and most experienced global providers of accommodation services. Corporate offices are located throughout the US, Canada, and Australia. Civeo has a unique approach, which includes a developmental philosophy that tailors solutions across the full project lifecycle and an operational philosophy focused on safety and efficiency to provide a guest experience that produces happy, healthy, and productive employees.


Triggered by the organization’s divestiture from Oil States International, Civeo’s IT leaders began looking into their messaging and collaboration platform options. Civeo had been using Exchange 2010 On-Premise, but based on the industry trend to move to the cloud, their team evaluated cloud options for their messaging systems. Their main challenge was their lack of cloud migration experience. The team wanted to avoid technical roadblocks and decided to look for a migration partner who would minimize risk and downtime.


Civeo evaluated both Google Mail and Office 365, and ultimately chose Office 365 based on end user familiarity with Microsoft Office. During the partner selection process, they sent out a RFP to a number of companies, and ultimately chose Strategic SaaS. As shown in the Office 365 case study, “two things really stuck out for us during our meeting with the technical team at Strategic SaaS,” stated Trevor Chichak, Director of Global IT Infrastructure at Civeo. “Their team focused on specific issues to look out for, unlike the other organizations we met with that spoke in general terms. The cost of the migration also seemed fair, not overpriced, but not so underpriced that we questioned their expertise and professionalism.”

During Civeo’s Office 365 migration, the primary objective was a seamless transition. Efficient project management and collaboration were key in order to either bypass obstacles completely or alleviate pressure during times of frustration. Prior to the full project deployment, Strategic SaaS implemented a pilot program for a select 20 users to migrate over to Office 365. This testing and verification process ensured a seamless end user setup process and uninterrupted mail flow, guaranteeing the objective for a seamless transition would be achieved. “The fact that there was a single individual dedicated to our project that we could speak to at anytime streamlined the entire process for us,” Chichak mentioned in the Office 365 case study . “We didn’t experience any large roadblocks we expected, and any small problems we did have were fixed immediately.” Civeo also chose Strategic SaaS for ongoing Office 365 support. This was essential for their team as they resolved functionality issues after the completion of their migration. “Since our migration, it’s been a luxury having a go-to contact for any new enhancement or issue we run into that we haven’t experienced before,” Chichak explained.


After migrating 1800 users from Exchange 2010 On-Premise to Office 365 in a hybrid environment, Civeo has experienced both increased uptime and decreased costs. Having 24/7 access to email is critical, and now, regardless if their data center is offline, their email is always up and running after the Office 365 migration. “As far as cost reductions, we no longer have to worry about renting servers and firewalls or adding disk space,” Chichak commented. “General maintenance of the software is inexistent, troubleshooting is gone, and backups are done by Microsoft. Office 365 is a solution that has saved both time and money for our team.”

As a result of their move to the cloud, Civeo realized the financial benefits of their transition. In addition, their end users are experiencing very little differences in their core email service and taking advantage of the additional productivity components the Office 365 cloud environment provides.

Interested in learning more about our success with Civeo’s Office 365 migration? Check out the full Office 365 case study as well as our other projects here!




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