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Strategic SaaS has guided over 400 organizations to the Microsoft Cloud.  Let our experience with Microsoft Office 365 topics such as Licensing, Email Migrations, SharePoint Online Migrations and Deploying Services such as Teams improve your experience with the Microsoft Cloud.

Learn How Leading Law Firms are Collaborating with Office 365 SharePoint Online

Running a law practice is a team effort. Getting things done in the modern bureaucratic world requires ability to collaborate with documents, schedules and tasks. No matter how knowledgeable or competent, nobody can do it all, so the ability to easily collaborate with your partners, associates and clients is crucial for effective management of a law practice today. With cloud-based Microsoft Office 365, all you have to do is supply the legal know-how. All of the tools you need for real-time collaboration with your team and your clients comes right out of the box with Office 365. You not only…Read the Rest of Article

Reduce Costs, Improve Reliability and Security by Moving Your Active Directory to the Cloud

A hybrid IT model, where a business moves some but not all of their IT to the cloud, has become popular among small- and medium-sized businesses over the last few years. This kind of hybrid model allows an enterprise to maintain control of key IT assets in-house, while utilizing lower cost cloud services where it makes sense for their business model. However, the cloud tends to grow on you. For most businesses, the numerous security, operational, cost and productivity advantages you enjoy from using cloud services leads to moving more of your IT operations off premises. Many eventually make the…Read the Rest of Article

Boost Productivity with a File Share Migration to SharePoint Online

Document management is the name of the game today. Modern document management and collaboration tools such as Microsoft’s SharePoint Online enable businesses of all sizes to establish and maintain complete control of their business processes. Having all your internal documents, working drafts and published content together in one multifunctional cloud-based system that can be accessed by all team members anywhere and anytime means everything gets done faster. There’s even a SharePoint mobile app for Apple and Android users, so you can get important work done on the go. Other benefits of using a document collaboration tool include rapid, thorough multi-party…Read the Rest of Article

The Mac Moment for Office 365

Microsoft has released the Skype for Business client for your Mac! One of the huge holes in the lineup has been plugged. For Mac users, you now have functions much like the PC users on your team.  Here is a list of functionality you can enjoy. One-click join    See your schedule for today and tomorrow, preview meeting details, and join right from the Meetings tab. Meeting actions    Easily mute, add participants, IM your colleagues, and share and view the desktop. Contacts    Finding and adding contacts has never been easier. Call, chat, and share your desktop in a snap. Groups    Add or…Read the Rest of Article

How Do I Keep Up with the Changes and Updates to Office 365?

With the volume and frequency of changes, it can be challenging to keep up with everything. Here are a few ways you can stay on top of the changes: Check out Microsoft’s Office 365 Roadmap. You can filter by updates that have been launched, are rolling out, are in development. Visit the Office 365 Update blogs. If you are an Office 365 Administrator, review the Message Center for important maintenance communications and information about the rollout of new and updated features. Let your voice be heard! How you can have input into the features and functionality of Office 365? Submit…Read the Rest of Article

Office 365 Insider: January 2017

What’s new in O365?  The short answer is a LOT! 2016 was a busy one for the Microsoft Office 365 development teams, which means more functionality and features for Office 365 customers. There was a broad range of updates, from updating/improving functionality to brand new mobile apps and features. You can review the full list of updated and new features on Microsoft’s published roadmap for Office 365, but here are a few highlights and key updates: SharePoint apps for both Android and iOS devices While SharePoint has been around since 2001, mobile apps officially made SharePoint mobile-friendly in 2016 Download…Read the Rest of Article

Extending the Value of Office 365 with SharePoint

Sentier Strategic Resources Do you need to know why your customer buys, what drives satisfaction, what will impact their buying decision in the future? That is what Sentier Strategic Resources does for their customers, an enviable group of industry leaders in technology and consumer services in a variety of industries. Sentier is a custom research agency, helping their clients understand the behavior, perceptions, and expectations of their market. Based in Austin, the Sentier team serves customers throughout the US. Challenge Sentier wanted a better way to manage opportunities in their customer base and acquire new customers. The company had used…Read the Rest of Article

Our Most Popular Blog Posts

These ten posts absolutely crushed it in providing the most valuable content to our readership.   Not surprisingly, our most popular blog posts have centered around Office 365, including plan comparison, successful deployment, and value-add features.  For both first-time readers and long-time followers, here’s a round-up of these posts to help you get ahead of the game. 1.  Office365 Plan Comparison:  E1 vs. E3 vs. E5 If you’ve been looking into Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Plans for your business, you’re well aware there are a few options to choose from!   With each successive level of E1, E3, and E5, you get…Read the Rest of Article

Office 365: The New Admin Center Navigation Reference Guide

This is the first blog in a series titled “Empowering the Office 365 Administrator.” This series will seek to bring helpful tools and tips to IT Administrators and Power Users who have been entrusted with managing Office 365 services for their organizations. The series will also highlight common problems and how to prevent and resolve them, and quick and easy ways to get the most out of Office 365. To start our series, we decided to look at one of the biggest and most recent changes for Office 365 administrators – the Admin Center.   When Microsoft announced several months…Read the Rest of Article

Hung Up on OneDrive Security? Why Your End Users Should Use It

It’s common for us to speak to an IT team that’s hung up on OneDrive usage and it’s security features. IT teams tend to steer clear of speaking too much about OneDrive to their end users after an Office 365 migration, because instead of working on things based on group permissions as one would in SharePoint, an IT staff member would technically have to log in as the end user to have access to a user’s data. This makes it rather difficult for an IT team to feel in any way in control of OneDrive and the way their end…Read the Rest of Article