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Moving Everything to the Cloud? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

moving-everything-to-the-cloudOver the past 5 years or so, the Cloud has become just another term, yet it’s still not as well understood as you would hope! Because of this, many businesses are still very wary of placing their sensitive data in the cloud over their own data centers. However, there are many benefits and reasons enterprises have made their move to the cloud, and a move does not necessarily mean less sight or control of your data. So if you’re thinking about moving everything to the cloud but you’re still on the fence about it, ask yourself these 5 questions so that you’re prepared and more comfortable with your move!

5 Questions to Answer Before Moving Everything to the Cloud

How will my company strategically benefit from moving everything to the cloud?

Thinking strategically, you’ll want to consider costs, flexibility, and how the cloud will offer your team new ways of working. You may believe that a data center migration to the cloud automatically provides cheaper platform costs; however, a cloud or hybrid environment could actually be more expensive at face value. So you’ll want to consider how operational flexibility comes into play. With the cloud, you’ll have the ability to scale up or down as needed, so that you’re not paying for software or storage that’s not being used. In addition, if your cloud investment does come with operational time savings, your team can use this time to innovate and focus on other business activities.

What are the financial considerations I need to make?

For your cloud migration, you’ll need to look at the costs of the migration and cloud pricing models. You will also want to think about the benefits of CapEx vs. OpEx. The cloud can provide you with a more convenient way of funding IT investments, but the upfront implementation will cost you just as any other investment, depending on how you decide to make the migration. Finally, when you decide on a cloud migration plan, think about additional infrastructure or upgrades that may need to be put into place. You may be required to completely set up new devices and/or communications, but the quality performance and security you’ll experience will be well worth it!

How will my organization implement and perform with considerable operational changes?

Operationally, quite a few things may be changing after moving to the cloud. So think about how you should be preparing for a new way of working. In addition, if your organization is growing, the cloud will give you the ability to easily standardize operational processes and the cloud-based productivity solutions you’ve implemented. Finally, the cloud will also give you the opportunity to easily outsource non-essential operational duties, which may lead you to a managed IT service provider. This is a lot to think about!

Technically speaking, what will it take to make the move?

There will be no way of getting around necessary infrastructure changes, so making a technical migration document is critical. You’ll want this document to include additional infrastructure investments, such as devices, software, and/or plugins as well as the steps to implementing appropriate communications and firewalls for the increased web traffic you’ll experience when moving to the cloud. You’ll also want to document where your cloud data will be hosted and the security measures that make this a safe location.

How will moving everything to the cloud affect vendor relationships?

Without a doubt, when moving everything to the cloud, you’ll be working with a vendor, so you’ll want to make sure to confirm long-term commitment from your provider. In addition, you’ll need to provide your vendor with a sandbox for updates to your systems, so this will need to be a change made on your end before deploying. You’ll also want to speak with your managed service provider and get thorough documentation on SLAs and data backup and recovery processes. Remember, your data is yours and you don’t want you new vendor relationship to change that in any way!

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