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Migrate to Office 365

Migrate to Office 365 with an Experienced Microsoft Partner


Key Benefits of Working with Strategic SaaS

  • Full project planning and management
  • Fixed price for easy budgeting
  • Smooth migration with minimal business impact
  • Deployment assistance
  • Full support, including support post migration


As one of the leading Office 365 migration specialists, Strategic SaaS is equipped to help your organization migrate to Office 365 in a cost effective and efficient way that will ultimately transform the way your organization does business. With over 50,000 mailboxes migrated to Office 365, we have experienced and resolved every issue you could possibly think of!

Not Only Do We Offer Office 365 Migrations, We Offer All of the Following!

  • Office 365 Mailbox Migration

    We’ve migrated over 50,000 mailboxes to the cloud, and we’re not stopping there! Our Office 365 Mailbox Migration service was designed to enable, train, and assist your technical staff during your organization’s transition to migrate to Office 365.

    If you choose our Office 365 mailbox migration, our expert Office 365 technical team will work closely alongside your IT staff, training and guiding them along the way to a smooth cloud migration experience.

    We will help you build an Office 365 migration plan that fits your business requirements and train your IT team with the skills they will need to manage Office 365 if your organization does not move forward with us after your 3 free months of Office 365 Managed Administration. In addition, Strategic SaaS will provide a smooth email transition and migrate all user email mailbox data from your current email service to the Cloud.

  • Full Service Office 365 Migration

    Our full service Office 365 Migration service goes a few steps further than our typical Office 365 Mailbox Migration, and is fit for organizations with fewer IT staff or limited time or resources.

    In addition to what we offer in our Office 365 Mailbox Migration, during the preparation phase, we will assess your current technology then collaborate with you to create a migration plan to transfer users’ email data, calendars, and contacts to Office 365. After we migrate to Office 365, we will train your IT staff in the on-going administration of Office 365 and finish the project with support to address any post-migration issues.

  • Email Archive Migration

    We partner with a couple of the best available email archiving solutions in the world. No other solution offers the range of supported systems or the level of speed that our partners do; plus you can migrate any number of users with absolutely no downtime. The solution we choose will be based on your organization’s unique situation!

    Your email archiving will be as fast as the source and destination servers will allow, all while your users retain the ability to send and receive email throughout the entire archive migration. For us, no downtown during your data migration is critical, and as a partner that’s what we’re here for! Our partners are known throughout the industry for their unmatched ease of use and end-to-end automation that will be all behind the scenes for you!

  • SharePoint Online Migration

    We help organizations utilize the SharePoint Online platform as a robust business tool to enhance organizational communication and collaboration and provide easy access to business-critical information. Our SharePoint Online migration service helps bring your organization a better way to communicate.

    We migrate from both a server-based SharePoint environment or your organization’s file serve. Let us help you minimize downtime and loss of content. Take the content you want, leave the content you don’t, and ultimately maximize your return on investment and gain more value from SharePoint Online!

  • Google Drive to OneDrive Migration

    Thinking about migrating your content to OneDrive? OneDrive (formerly known as SkyDrive), one of Microsoft’s Windows Live online services, allows users to store, share, and collaborate their documents, images and other online media. We can support your migration to OneDrive from Google Drive and help backup and distribute your content, allowing you to share content throughout your organization in a much easier way.

    We handle each batch of data with the greatest of care, from each individual file to each packet, ensuring that none of your data will be lost or damaged and guaranteeing a transfer that is both risk and error free.

  • Exchange Public Folder Migration

    Public Folders are an essential part of the business infrastructure, and the ability to bring that organization and functionality along when migrating reduces a great deal of the inconvenience and friction of the migration. Strategic SaaS can migrate important public folders including shared contact, calendars, notes, tasks, and more.

    Speed and security are two of the most important things we focus on during a public folder migration, and you can expect hierarchy continuity, a modern folder format, and the ability to automatically discover all of your public folders, sparing you or your staff the time, hassle, and risk of lost data inherent in manual detection.

  • Lync Online Migration

    We help customers utilize Microsoft’s Lync platform as a unified communications tool to enhance organizational communication and collaboration and reduce costs by connecting employees, partners, and customers wherever they are. Lync Online delivers your organization a communications tool that gives your users a consistent experience for presence, IM, voice, and video across any device and/or browser of each user’s choice.

    We can assist you with your move to the cloud during migration and deployment, while managing your business transformation and move to the cloud. We will migrate user settings, move pilot users to Lync Online, move all users, and then verify any custom settings and features.

  • Virtual/Physical to Azure VM Migration

    Windows Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers. You can build applications using any language, tool or framework. And you can integrate your public cloud applications with your existing IT environment.

    We offer deployment and migration services from your virtual/physical platform to Azure VM, while mitigating any risks along the way.

Migrate to Office 365 with Strategic SaaS because…

There are many companies that will offer to migrate your organization to Office 365, but very few can offer the knowledge and expertise that Strategic SaaS has gained over the past 6 years.

  1. Top Rated Microsoft Partner
  2. 100% Office 365 Deployment Success Rate
  3. Top-tier Member of Microsoft SMB Cloud Champions Club
  4. Part of the US SMB Cloud Partner Advisory Coucil
  5. Over 50,000 Mailboxes Successfully Migrated
  6. Satisfied Customers and Case Studies That Impress

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