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Office 365 Migration | 5 Reasons to Work with a Microsoft Partner

microsoft-partnerWhen looking to implement Office 365 in your organization, at some point you’ll begin evaluating your migrating options. Should you try it yourself, hire a third-party vendor, or look to take advantage of a Microsoft partner near you? Although completing an Office 365 migration alone might seem cost-effective, this generally is not the case. Consider not only the amount of time your staff will lose while completing the transition on your own, but the potential risks you are facing on your own without expertise in an Office 365 migration. Plus, with better pricing options as a partner, you won’t have to worry about any additional costs!

But what are the recognizable advantages you’ll discover when making the transition alongside a partner? Check out the list below to learn 5 reasons working with a Microsoft partner during your Office 365 migration will prove to be beneficial to your organization!

1. Collaborate with Experts

Microsoft Partner certifications will give assurance that you’re choosing a partner with the best expertise you can ask for. When you find an IT provider that is a recognized Partner, that means they have not only expertise but also access to in-depth support from Microsoft, enabling them to help you meet your unique challenges through the most technologically advanced solutions. It means they have a strong understanding of your business processes and your infrastructure needs and growth strategies, meaning having a partner by your side will work to your advantage.

2. Obtain Better ROI

Want to drive a better ROI on your new IT investment? When you’re putting all your energy into building your business by investing in or upgrading to new technology, you need to know you’re buying only what you need to meet your current and future expectations. Microsoft partners are trained to expertly evaluate your business needs and recommend solutions that work best for your unique business and have the ability deliver substantial benefits.

office-365-migration3. Stay on Track

It’s important to align your investment with your long-term goals of streamlining work processes alongside building and sustaining profitable growth. It’s your business requirements that should shape your upgrade strategy, not some reseller trying to ‘sell you’. So, while you can’t afford to let your business fall behind, that doesn’t mean you need to upgrade for the sake of it. Partners see their role as your trusted advisor; a trust built up across the development of a long-term relationship. A partner will help you to understand what solutions can help solve the issues in your business, help you make the right choices, and mostly keep your project on track.

4. Gain a Competitive Advantage By Working with a Partner Right for You

Microsoft’s Pinpoint Marketplace makes it simple to identify a partner who can deliver proven solutions that precisely match your business needs and give you a competitive advantage. Simply enter your business challenge and match it to companies holding appropriate competencies as shown on their company profiles and applications/services listings. No matter what your technology need, Pinpoint makes it easy to search for the partner best suited to help you.

4. Reduce Risk, Increase Business Performance

As with most things in business, IT support costs money. Worse still, you’ll probably end up paying to do it again properly. Partners make it their business to know your processes, reduce your corporate risk, and increase your business performance. Your relationship with a Microsoft Partner will be a close one – one that’s a day-to-day, week-to-week involvement during your Office 365 migration. So choosing a  partner that’s right for you is critical.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our PinPoint listing, and see if we’re right for you! And, if we are, request your free consultation below! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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