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Merger, Acquisition & Divestiture Services

Rapidly bring your company to productivity through a well executed migration of your systems.

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Merger, Acquisition & Divestiture Services

  • Integrated Messaging
  • Email Branding
  • Merge Windows Networks
  • Migrate Documents
  • Migrate Servers, Data and Applications
  • Integrated ERP
  • Integrated Telecommunications

Before Migration of Messaging

Staged Migration: A forest trust allowed us to migrate, rename, and rebrand users in batches while preserving attributes, passwords, and ACL s. Remote mailboxes could then be created, data copied, and mail routed, all without interrupting service for users. Each bat ch required a multi-step process featuring the Active Directory Migration Tool, custom PowerShell scripts, and BitTitan Migration Wizard.

During Project Migration

Pre-migration: Both source ( and target ( environments utilized Exchange Hybrid, but only the source had active mailboxes on premises. The target utilized all Lync Hybrid features, which cemented a requirement that all migrated user mail boxes (full-time, seasonal, contractor) must have an on-premises account in order to get voice service. The source utilized ADFS and single sign-on for a number of cloud apps, but it was decided that SSO and ADFS were no longer a requirement post migration and that would be converted to a managed domain during cutover. This project was also a rebrand and cleanup opportunity, so a new child domain ( was to be configured in the target forest as a destination for valid, rebranded, and renamed AD objects. To validate our strategy as a platform for a potential AD migration, migrated users were to retain their attributes, passwords, and access to the resource forest during staging and potentially long-term

Project Complete

Post cutover: After all objects had been migrated, a cutover date was set for a tenant to tenant migration of the vanity domain. Both Genband and Sonus had continuity accounts with the same cloud filtering provider, so these were leveraged to capture mail sent to the old domain during the 17 hour transition. The end result was a single filtering account, a single Microsoft Hybrid Commun ications forest, two resource forests, all mailboxes in cloud, and all users rebranded in the child domain with enhanced voice service. At no time throughout the engagement were users without service to their primary account due to this process.