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Managed AntiVirus & AntiSpam

Managed AntiVirus and AntiSpam Solutions

Our Managed AntiVirus & AntiSpam solutions deliver world-class protection and are maintained 24/7 by our Operations Center.


Managed AntiVirus solutions provide your organization the right IT resources, expertise, centralized monitoring and management, and proactive approach to ensure the protection of your desktops and laptops.

In addition, the volume of spam being sent today is beyond control. Although junk filters do a decent job, we believe it’s better to stop spam from reaching your network in the first place. It only takes one accidental click to compromise your organization’s security!

Although our Managed AntiVirus and AntiSpam solutions can be purchased separately, many of our clients find the two purchased together provide a secure solution that eliminates most outside organizational threats.

Key Features of Our Managed AntiVirus and AntiSpam Solutions

  • Enterprise Class Solution

    Comprised of Managed AntiVirus & AntiSpam, and supported by full endpoint security.

  • Advanced, Proactive Technology

    Includes intrusion prevention, proactive detection, and behavioral analysis to ensure security from every angle.

  • Software Firewall

    Allows out of network devices to also maintain full security.

  • No Email Delays

    All email is scanned in real time while other Managed AntiSpam solutions save the email first and then scan it which takes up very valuable time.

  • Simple Configuration

    Flexible configuration options allow your organization to determine what messages are allowed in your environment. Customized white lists, blacklists and rules will be set up and changed if necessary.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Detailed reports will be provided to your team for visibility of email volume and type of threats so you can see your organization is always protected.

Benefits of Our Managed AntiVirus and AntiSpam Solutions

  • Utilize a Flexible Security Solution that Can Scale with Your Organization
  • Receive Comprehensive Monthly Reporting
  • Maintain Total Peace of Mind By Letting Experts Take Control
  • Increase Productivity By Saving Each Employee 5 Minutes or More a Day
  • Reduce Operating Costs Associated with Employee Time and Virus Hits
  • Protect Your Organization’s Assets and Critical Information

Why Our Clients Choose Our Managed AntiVirus & AntiSpam Solutions

Managed AntiVirus Features


Managed AntiSpam Features