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How to Buy Office 365

buy-office-365-meetingYour Licensing Options

The Office 365 license that you choose to buy entirely depends on your organization. The Business suite and the Enterprise suite are the two umbrella options, which each have several plans underneath. For organizations with less than 300 users, the Business suite provides communication and document management tools, and some of these plans even include desktop Office applications. The Enterprise suite, which can accommodate any number of users, includes the elements of the Business plans plus additional features like archiving and business intelligence. You can compare Business plans here and Enterprise plans here.

Who to Buy Office 365 From

You have three options from which to purchase Office 365. You can purchase it directly from Microsoft through the Microsoft Online Subscription Program (MOSP), through a Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), or with an Enterprise Agreement. Deciding which method to buy Office 365 depends on what kind of support you want, the licensing flexibility you need, and the type of commitment you’re willing to make.

Buying Office 365 through MOSP

When you decide to buy Office 365 subscriptions through MOSP in the Microsoft portal, you are buying directly from Microsoft. One benefit is the direct access to support from Microsoft technicians. However, you will also be forced into a 12 month commitment. You can always upgrade your plan during that time, but you can only switch to a less advanced plan after 12 months.

Buying Office 365 through a CSP

Buying Office 365 through a CSP is a smart move when flexibility is a primary concern. A purchase through a CSP allows you to easily increase or decrease the number of users and upgrade and downgrade with only monthly commitments. CSPs offer attractive signing deals for new clients, but beware of pricing when considering this option. Some CSP programs offer more attractive entry-level pricing but charge more for regular payments thereafter. Pricing will also be affected by your location; CSPs also do not charge taxes for out-of-state customers. In addition, through the CSP program, you will have direct access to your CSP partner for Tier 1 administrative support instead of having to call the Microsoft support desk or submitting a support ticket.

Buying Office 365 with an Enterprise Agreement

The Enterprise Agreement is for businesses with 250 users or more and is a more cost effective option if you’re willing to make a long term commitment. While this option would provide savings from 15% to 45%, the commitment is a minimum of a three year period. You can adjust users and services at any time, with prices reflecting your adjustments on an annual basis. The Enterprise agreement also gives you opportunities for savings and benefits like a subscription option or a flexible payment plan.

Choose Us to Buy Office 365

Out of these three options, the most popular option is choosing a CSP to buy Office 365. Choosing an experienced Microsoft partner like Strategic SaaS for your Office 365 licensing and migration will ensure your transition is on time, within budget, and is minimally disruptive to your business. With our expertise and experience, we can support a seamless migration to Office 365 for your business. Whether you need an Office 365 or Sharepoint migration, let us handle your Office 365 purchase. Read our case studies and customer testimonials to learn more about our success as a CSP.thinking



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