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How an Office 365 Migration for Hospitality Can Help Your Business

Your hospitality business operates year around, so it’s important that your communications are fully functioning year around as well, especially since your business’ success is based on customer service communications and performance. So, your IT team is most likely always on the hunt for technology solutions that guarantee uptime and enhance employee

We’ve worked with many hospitality organizations including hotels, hotel management, and property management firms, so we know the ins and outs of the industry in regards to communications technology and why so many of these organization decide on an Office 365 migration. Below are just a few reasons our hospitality IT consulting clients have made the move to Office 365!

How an Office 365 Migration for Hospitality Will Benefit Your Business

Customer Service & Guest Experience Improvements

An Office 365 migration for Hospitality makes productivity simple by giving your end users the ability to work and collaborate from anywhere at any time once they complete their Office 365 training. Need to get in touch with a travel agency you partner with to schedule a booking for a guest tomorrow? In the cloud, you make the rules and 24/7 communication is possible, and with Office 365, you’ll have a 99.9% uptime guarantee!

In addition, you’ll have the ability to maintain IT control and efficiency with the cloud and your IT team won’t have to spend so much time managing communications when it comes to replacing communications with simple Office 365 solutions management. Office 365 helps you make archiving and e-discovery of data easier. Need to find an email from a business that booked an entire floor for their employees? Office 365 has got you covered! An Office 365 migration for hospitality will most definitely help keep your customers happy!

Cloud Optimization Benefits

It’s critical for hospitality organizations to implement updated solutions that assist with collaboration which allow employees to work more efficiently. Because Office 365 is in the cloud, you’ll have the opportunity to not only expand organizational efficiency, but also save energy and maintenance time and cut additional costs by eliminating hardware. These benefits make it pretty easy to sell the Office 365 migration to your management team! With an Office 365 migration for hospitality, you will have the simplest and most flexible infrastructure possible and every member of your team will have a streamlined workload.

Promising a Secure Network

The reality is, every organization has security standards to meet, and your customers need to know that their personal information is safe! So if you’re not sure if your current infrastructure is secure and PCI compliant, you may want to pursue another option like an Office 365 hospitality deployment. Office 365 security consists of 3 levels; built-in security, customer controls, and independent verification and compliance. Implementing Office 365 security into your hospitality organization will give you the ability to avoid stressful security situations and always know your customer data is secure.

To expand on this information and to learn more about why an Office 365 migration for hospitality might be the best option for your organization, download our free Office 365 hospitality resources, including an eBook, case studies, and more!



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