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Help Desk Support

An Industry Leading Help Desk Support Solution with an 85% First Call Resolution Rate

help-desk-supportEmployee productivity is our goal! Our remote Help Desk Support gives your organization an efficient way to provide immediate support to any of your users. It’s convenient and fast, and most of your users technical problems will be resolved simply over the phone.

With a growing amount of support needed, an increasing number of end users to support, and ongoing resource constraints, it’s time for your IT team to look for a simpler way to support your end users. Our help desk support service will allow your IT team to save time on manual efforts and focus more on actual troubleshooting, support needs, and business growth.

With our Help Desk Support, your organization only pays a low fixed monthly fee per user at just a small portion of what it costs to staff and operate an internal help desk. And your IT technicians can rest during nights and weekends, knowing their help desk support is being handled by the experts!

Having Our Help Desk Support Service Automate Incident and Problem Management Processes Gives Us the Opportunity To:

  • Increase Employee Productivity
  • Increase Availability of Systems by Speeding Up Problem Resolution
  • Reduce Support Call Time & Volume
  • Increase Productivity of IT Staff on Business-Critical Projects
  • Eliminate Repeat Issues by Identifying Fundamental Causes
  • Track Performance Against SLAs to Ensure Met Commitments
  • Identify Any Business Processes that Are Affected by Tech Issues
  • Distinguish Single-Occurrence Support Tickets from Issues that May Become Repetitive
  • Based in North America

We have developed an extensive knowledge base that gives us the ability to easily identify & deliver fixes for issues of all kind, enabling us to respond quickly and efficiently to conditions that disrupt your business service.

Plus, rest assured that our help desk support staff is taking ongoing training and professional development courses to stay ahead of the latest tech issues and strategies.