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By Lacy Omsberg – Senior SharePoint Consultant

August 30, 2017

During my 16-years of experience with SharePoint and then SharePoint online, I have worked for many legal firms and in numerous legal departments. The main complaint I hear about using SharePoint as a legal document repository is that it takes too many clicks to upload documents, and users don’t want to take the time to fill in metadata. They are simply too busy to bother. I remember a CEO telling me once that if he goes to more than two places to get something done online, he probably won’t do it.  Time really is valuable.

In the legal industry, a great deal of work is centered around the email platform. is an Outlook add-on that integrates SharePoint online and other mission-critical systems directly to your Outlook. It essentially cuts out the middle man so you can file and tag emails and documents into other systems without ever leaving Outlook.  Your required metadata will be automatically completed inside Outlook. The SharePoint folders structure is visible and you can just drag and drop emails or attachments directly to the folder to upload. also has view integration with, Dynamics 365, IBM Connections, Yammer, and Zendesk, so you can see all the files, emails and CRM information, ERP information, and helpdesk tickets associated with your topics. recently rolled out Collage, a new machine-learning solution that combines all your systems into one view. and Collage are constantly working together in the background to learn your filing habits and associations, and then take steps to streamline your work process.

About ( makes user experience tools for the digital workspace that are built to deliver information the way the human brain works. The company is a pioneer in Topic Computing; its flagship Collage solution breaks down data siloes from business applications by grouping information by topics. This allows knowledge workers to gain immediate access to the information they need to get things done. provides a cohesive, people-first user experience supported by cognitive science and powered by machine learning to enhance employee productivity and help manage data. The firm is a 2017 //confirm// Microsoft Partner of the Year Finalist and an IBM global partner.



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