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Get on Teams with Microsoft Office 365

By Lacy Omsberg – Senior SharePoint Consultant

January 23, 2018


I have been a SharePoint evangelist for 17 years.  I am the first in line to beta test new releases both on-premise and on-line. I get excited when my customers have that moment when it all clicks together in one piece, and they realize that a system can really help them improve very manual processes and they can organize their documents and files.


I have made SharePoint the hub of operations for countless companies because it just worked.  It was the only place to really start your work, get your information, and link you to everything you need.  It takes a lot of custom work to make it a hub of operations, but it did the job.  Recently, I discovered Teams.  Honestly, this is a game changer.  This is the center of your collaboration and productivity universe.  One stop shopping for everything you are working on in one place.


SharePoint isn’t minimized or ignored it is spotlighted as a document repository in teams.  Planner is integrated.  Outlook is integrated.  Teams is the new O365 communication channel and Skype is  now designated as the on-premise communication channel.  If there is an app like, Project, Salesforce or others there is a connector available, or one can be made because it is web based.  Teams also makes use of Bots bring artificial intelligence that will work on the Team’s behalf and help answer questions and can be developed to integrate and improve existing business processes using the Teams developer platform.


Teams is one of the most innovative and intuitive products that Microsoft has ever released.  Your daily workflow is simply to start your computer go to Teams pick a channel and everything you need to accomplish is in your Team’s interface.  It really is simple.  You can chat, have a call, meeting, share documents, share apps, share your desktop, record content, and save the transcripts of all communication.


The best part, this is not an add-in or another app to subscribe to.  Teams comes with your Microsoft 365 subscription.  You can get every drop of functionality out of every Microsoft 365 app and leverage the true value of Microsoft 365 when you start using Teams as your centralized productivity platform.


Teams also has you covered on enterprise-level security, compliance and management features that you have across the O365 platform.  Teams is encrypted always; at rest or in transit, and includes multi-factor authentication for enhanced identity protection.  This includes all access from the mobile apps as well.  Teams also has broad support for compliance standards including eDiscovery and legal holds for channels, chats, and files.


Let Strategic SaaS bring your Microsoft 365 together and start using teams. We offer a free session with your team to outline how you can use this product today.

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