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Essential Company Email Migration Strategies for Small Businesses

cloudemailAn email migration will greatly affect your company whether you find a partner to help you migrate all the data or if you are attempting it on your own. We know how disruptive and stressful the change can be, so we’ve compiled essential company email migration strategies for small and medium businesses that can help you through the process.

Plan Ahead

When it comes to such a large data migration, rushing through the job is the easiest way to make a mistake. Before starting any sort of company email migration, make a plan of how much data is being migrated, when the optimal time to start the company email migration is, and how long it will take. This will give you a great time line to start preparing your company for steps including telling your co-workers and clients about the possibility of a finicky email reception coming soon. The planning step of your migration is the most important because this will set expectations of the process and will be the foundation for all other decisions pertaining to the migration.

Communication Is Key

As mentioned above, email may not be working properly during the company email migration if you’re attempting a migration for the first time on your own, so your organization will have to plan communication accordingly. Along with notifying your clients, it is important to set up an alternative communication form for any emergencies that may come about during the period of unreliable emails.  This will ensure contact with your clients through the migration period as well as give a warning for any mishaps that may arise during your company email migration.

It’s Email Slimming Time

One of the best ways to minimize the time your company spends on the email migration is to clean all email accounts before the migration. Deleting emails and archiving emails will tremendously help how much data is being transferred. Just as important as telling your employees to do so, informing them on how to properly archive and ways to delete emails is incredibly beneficial. Double check they are downloading all important files and deleting any unnecessary emails they can. This small step can save a lot of time and resources when it comes to migrating large amounts of data.

Find A Partner

Many of the preparation steps and great guidance can come finding an email migration partner. A partner can give you a greater perspective of your options when it comes to the migration, bring in more experience from similar email migrations, decrease the chance of a loss of data, and minimize downtime. The experience that comes with hiring a partner will give you a deeper understanding of what the process entails, help you prepare your organization, and decrease the stress and pressure placed on you and your IT team.

Are you feeling ready for your company email migration? Want some more advice? Need to find the perfect partner? Contact us today and we’ll give you a free consultation to help you with your company email migration! 



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