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End User Training

End User Training for Microsoft Online Solutions | Keeping Up with Rapid Change

Complete your Office 365 migration and realize your users aren’t actually using any of the provided solutions? Our mission is to lower end user training & support costs, and increase user adoption through Just-in-Time Learning™ solutions. We offer proven and affordable solutions and services for Office 365, Office 2013, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, and more. Our products deliver on-demand video training and context-sensitive help and are proven to cut training costs, reduce ongoing support costs, and drive adoption of enterprise software by your end users.

ShowMe solutions implement what we call ‘Just-in-Time Learning’ for your users. Our end user training solutions are embedded in your enterprise software, such as Office 365 SharePoint and Dynamics CRM, and provide context-sensitive, on-demand, bite-size videos that show your users how to complete tasks and processes. Furthermore, you can customize the content so that it meets your specific needs, such as adding your own end user training, targeting it to specified end users, and analyzing the results!

Check Out the Full List of End User Training Videos We Offer! And These Always Stay Up-To-Date with All Microsoft Releases!