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Single Sign On and Identity Management

Single Sign On and Identity Management

single-sign-on-consultationStrategic SaaS offers deployment and migration services that help move your business to the Cloud that will enable single on solutions that are secure, enhance policy management and significantly reduce the number of passwords your users have to remember by providing a single logon to all on premise web and cloud-based applications.

We also offer remote monitoring to allow your team to focus on organizational growth. The tools we use automatically test core functions for each solution being monitored, whether we’re monitoring Exchange, Lync/Skype, Active Directory, etc.

Benefits of our Single Sign On solutions include:

  • Policy Control Across All Cloud Services
  • Greater Access Control
  • Enhanced Security
  • Two-Factor and Strong Authentication

We have experience with Microsoft Active Directory Services as well as the industry standard enterprise single sign on authentication solutions.

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What is Active Directory?

Windows Active Directory is a comprehensive identity and access management cloud solution for businesses of all sizes. It combines directory services, advanced identity governance, application access management, single sign on, and a developer’s identity management platform. With Windows Active Directory, your business will benefit with the following:


Manage Applications, One Identity Repository

Identities and Applications in One Place.

The first step to happy and productive user is a single set of credentials that can be used between an existing on-premises directory and Windows Azure Active Directory.

  • Connect and Sync Windows Server Active Directory with Windows Azure
  • Pre-Integrated Popular SaaS Apps and a Simple Way to Add Any Other Necessary Apps
  • Easily Add Custom Cloud-Based Apps. Facilitate Developers with Identity Management

Manage Identities and Access to Cloud Applications

Your Cloud Apps Ready When You Are.

Now that we have gathered identities and applications into one identity store, the next step is to find an efficient way to handle them and their interconnections. Our portal contains a section specifically for Windows Active Directory administration.

  • Comprehensive Identity and Access Management Console
  • Centralized Access Administration for Pre-Integrated SaaS Apps and Other Cloud-Based Apps
  • Secure Business Processes With Advanced Access Management Capabilities

Monitor and Protect Access to Enterprise Applications

Ensure Secure Access and Visibility On Usage Patterns for Saas and Cloud-Hosted LOB Applications.

These above capabilities deliver great value in their functionality but it’s also important to consider the approach behind security. Windows Active Directory is based on the Trustworthy Computing principals and is secure by design. Your passwords will never be stored, only encrypted password hashes.

  • Built-In Security Features
  • Security Reporting That Tracks Inconsistent Access Patterns
  • The Option to Upgrade to Multi-Factor Authentication

Personalized Access and Self-Service Capabilities

Users Can Easily Access the SaaS Apps They Need, Using Their Existing Active Directory Credentials.

One key principle Active Directory simplifies is how users access applications across many disparate systems, ultimately making them happier and more productive. When administrators assign access to pre-integrated SaaS applications, shortcuts of these apps are displayed, for every user, via a single personalized web paged, from which every user has a personalized view of their apps.

  • All Assigned SaaS Apps In One Web Page for Single Sign On
  • Access Panel Customization
  • Single Sign On Self Service Password Reset