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Office 365 SharePoint Migration

Strategic SaaS helps customers utilize Microsoft’s Office 365 SharePoint platform as a robust business tool to enhance organizational communication and collaboration and provide easy access to business-critical information. Our Office 365 SharePoint deployment and migration service helps manage your organization’s project that ultimately will bring to your organization a better way to collaborate together.

office-365-sharepointStrategic SaaS offers the following Office 365 SharePoint deployment and migration services:

  • Document management solutions
  • SharePoint migration
  • User experience design
  • Intranet and extranet portal development
  • Hybrid deployment scenarios

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What is SharePoint?

Information is a key—perhaps the key—business resource. But using it effectively is a common business challenge.

But when information is not well organized, it can look like this:
  • Lost productivity due to disconnected people and teams.
  • Slow turnarounds on questions, feedback, and input from subject matter experts.
  • Untapped or underused expertise or institutional knowledge.
  • Frustrating or difficult-to-use internal websites.

Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint was built to address these challenges.


  • Office 365 SharePoint is the place to share ideas, content and the vision of your company.
  • It’s scalable enough to organize and manage all your information assets, but it’s also designed to organize and store documents to enable personal productivity, keep teams’ in sync, and projects on track.
  • It’s where you go to discover experts, share knowledge, and uncover connections to information and people. It’s a hub for developers to build and deploy modern apps and for designers to build eye-catching websites.
  • And because its built in the cloud, IT Pros can manage cost, and meet the demands of compliance to manage risk.

Finally, Office 365 SharePoint has been built to handle almost anything our customers can throw at it, so IT Pros can spend more time managing information, delivering innovation, and using their time effectively.