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Email Archiving and Encryption

Strategic SaaS offers deployment and migration services for multiple solutions that meet complex email requirements – including email filtering, email encryption, email archiving, and continuity assurance – which help businesses communicate safely and meet retention requirements for e-discovery and compliance.

Joining forces with archiving leaders Mimecast and Nuix, our solutions work with most email platforms and require no hardware or software installation.

single-sign-on-consultationStrategic SaaS email archiving, security & compliance capabilities include:

  • Exchange Hosted Archiving Implementation
  • Archiving Policy Definition
  • Exchange Continuity Implementation
  • Exchange Encryption Implementation
  • Exchange Filtering Implementation
  • Filtering Policy Definition
  • Historical Archive Data Migration

Benefits of a Large Mailbox & an Email Archiving Solution

Because email is used as the core communications tool for businesses, email volume continues to grow. At many companies, mailboxes are too small to accommodate this growth, forcing employees to spend time deleting email messages or moving them to .PST files to stay under quota.


Small mailbox quotas are not just an inconvenience for your users; these undersized mailboxes can lead to the proliferation of .PST files. Because .PST files exist outside the server, they are difficult for you to manage, difficult to search for legal discovery purposes, insecure, and rarely backed up.

A large mailbox to us allows you to store at least a year’s worth of messages in the one mailbox. But our concept of archiving does not mean you must deploy an archive mailbox. The Exchange archive mailbox simply enables segregation of data.

Email Archiving in Microsoft Exchange

The in-place email archiving features of Exchange 2013 deliver a familiar user experience in Outlook 2007, 2010 and Outlook Web App. This integrated In-Place Archive enables users to save time by managing their archive as they do their mailbox.

Some of the benefits you’ll receive with this email archiving solution are:
  • Automate the deletion and archiving of email and other exchange data to meet data retention requirements
  • Put information workers in charge of their email by keeping them informed of when items are to be moved or archived, creating a transparent user experience
  • Manage storage and risk proactively with mailbox management and expiration policies, providing data governance you can count on
  • Take advantage of eDiscovery by retrieving content in Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, and whatever file shares you have in-place – these laser-focused query capabilities can get the exact content you are looking for. Give compliance officers eDiscovery while leaving end-users alone
  • And much more!

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