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Cloud Consulting | 4 Things You Should Cut From Your IT Budget in 2015

save-timeBusinesses are constantly looking for ways to cut costs and save money, but it can be difficult to choose exactly where these budget cuts should happen. To help you out, we have created a list of 4 IT areas where you can utilize cloud consulting to lower expenses while raising productivity levels.

Cloud Migration

If you’re thinking of using any different hardware/software solutions this year, this is an area where you’ll really be able to save a little extra cash you’ve got to use for the year. As a cloud consulting and services leader, we recognize the importance of cloud computing and also know the impact it can have on an organization. For most businesses, migrating to the cloud can be a difficult task to take on without the help of a migration partner. Working with a company that has expert teams ready to take on the full-force of the migration will save your business from a long, drawn-out process that can eat up company time and money. To avoid this, look for migration partners that can deliver IT solutions and expertise. Core infrastructure, messages, and unified communications can be transitioned to the cloud with less hassle and less money via cloud consulting outsourcing.

End User Training

When purchasing new software, sometimes organizations don’t take into account the training costs associated with it. For example, Office 365 is a complex cloud-based application, and it comes with a bit of a learning curve. Requiring all end-users to go through training to understand how to best utilize the software is a good idea, but it can be expensive. To save money in this area, it is best to avoid instructor taught classes, seminars, or e-learning classes, which can be not only extremely costly but also time consuming. Instead, opt for training sessions that can be acquired through online learning modules with customizable content. Not only will online modules as needed increase user adoption, but you’ll also reduce training and support costs, which is exactly what our new end user training solution does!

Desktop and Device Management

Now more than ever, end users need the freedom to work from any location on any device. This is where desktop and device management comes in. In businesses without a comprehensive management solution, many problems can arise that result in higher operating costs. For example, using an in-house IT management staff can cause users to rely heavily on help desks, cause a lag in user mobility, and result in a lack of a single cohesive security and management system. Often, IT teams also decrease productivity by overlooking certain infrastructure areas. To avoid these additional costs and cut back on IT management expenses, consider cost effective cloud consulting and cloud-based solutions and BYOD solutions. These services optimize management and security while keeping cost low and simplifying your management of company-wide computers!


Just as with desktop and device management, it can be quite costly to have an entire IT management staff dedicated to admintering any new software you install. To cut costs, once again the answer is outsourcing. For a company that has migrated to the cloud with Office 365, Office 365 management can be best done with an Office 365 Managed Administration service is a cost-efficient and effective way to take care of all your administration needs. For example, this management service can cover your exchange online archive policy, spam/anti-virus management, integration of Active Directories, and much more. Keeping all of your administration needs in an outside source will save you time and money!

What are some of the ways your IT team is looking to save money this year? Anything we didn’t catch? We’d love to hear about it and write a follow up blog on what we missed! And while you’re at it, if you’ve been thinking of an Office 365 deployment, check out our whitepaper below to learn why companies are moving to Office 365, as you can guess one of the main reasons is that many companies are able to save tons of money with the solution!



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