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Strategic SaaS has guided over 400 organizations to the Microsoft Cloud.  Let our experience with Microsoft Office 365 topics such as Licensing, Email Migrations, SharePoint Online Migrations and Deploying Services such as Teams improve your experience with the Microsoft Cloud.

4 Ways Your Managed AntiVirus Service is Putting You in Danger

Proper managed AntiVirus services are incredibly important. Your AntiVirus service is what protects your data from getting hacked, stolen, or lost. While you can be as careful as possible, there is always a risk of getting a virus when on the internet. It’s important to utilize Office 365 security features and protect your company’s data. 1) What Exactly Do I Have? You should understand all components of your AntiVirus and what exactly it is protecting you from and how. AntiVirus services have many components to them including how it protects your web browser and then how it protects your software and hardware. Understanding how this…Read the Rest of Article

IT Project Management | Why You Need IT Project Management

Business success today relies heavily on technology. Whether it is online or offline, collaboration has been made easier and new tools are constantly being developed that help optimize daily efficiency. It is important to make sure your IT infrastructure is growing with your business, which means there will be many IT projects in your future. Without an extensively trained IT department, these projects are tricky to handle and can be very time consuming. Whether it is software development, a cloud migration, device management, or the implementation of new IT services, you could benefit from having an expert on your side. Here…Read the Rest of Article

Why Reliable Hosting is Critical for Growth

Small and medium sized businesses today face challenges ranging from the continuous rise of costs of goods sold to the complexity of doing business in a global market with increased market competition pushing for lower costs, which more often than not ends with cutting margins to the bone. As online competition continues to rise, the demand for high performance IT systems, including reliable hosting, continues to climb as well. So for your website to make you money it must be available to your customers 24/7 without exception, and to process your orders and manage your business your backend processes must also be available 24/7….Read the Rest of Article

IT Managed Services | IT Managed Services Bringing Financial Agility

Our full IT Managed Services guarantee that your organization stays up to date while dealing with critical IT issues, removing the burden of infrastructure management. Not only do Managed IT Services give you more time to focus on other aspects of your organization, but these services also ensure security and reliability at a cost effective price. Our IT Managed Services program features include: Real Time Optimization Performance Management Network Security Management Managed AntiVirus/AntiSpam Managed Data Backup Asset Management Unlimited Incident Management Monthly Business Review Here’s how taking advantage of IT Managed Services can help bring financial agility to your organization: Productivity Optimization…Read the Rest of Article