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What is Hybrid | A Hybrid Email Migration Simply Explained

We’ve worked in the cloud since it made it’s appearance in the IT world, so ‘what is hybrid in the first place’ is a question we’ve had to answer many times. To answer at face value of the ‘what is hybrid’ questions, the term hybrid in IT usually refers to an integrated cloud service using both private and public clouds to perform distinct functions within the same organization. However, because this is a very open ended question and answer, we’ve decided to first speak on hybrid from an email perspective. Below, we go beyond your ‘what is hybrid’ question and discuss your email…Read the Rest of Article

5 Simple Yet Effective Tips for Email Migrations

Technology is ever changing as we all know, but the habits of our users are often slow to catch up. Because of this, in general, technology upgrades are often delayed for various reasons and change only happens when is panic sets it and the change has to happen. If we consider email migrations, for example, which happens to be the core for all businesses, replacing or migrating infrastructure can be daunting. You’ve done your research on email migration solution options, you’ve decided the solution you’re moving to, and you’re ready to move forward with your project. Below are a few tips you should…Read the Rest of Article

9 Email Migration Testimonials that You’ll Be Jealous Of

If you’ve tried to migrate your email from one system to another, you are well aware that, while it sounds like a simple task, in reality, it can be both time-consuming and very frustrating! You may even learn about similar experiences while reading through many email migration testimonials while you’re searching for the right migration solution or service for your organization. No matter how large or small your migration may be, you’ll stumble upon complications, especially if it’s your first time around the block! An email migration can be compared to a language translation; data can get lost as you go from one language to…Read the Rest of Article

Essential Company Email Migration Strategies for Small Businesses

Small businesses have unique struggles separate from the struggles medium and large businesses have, which often include issues of resource allocation. As a small business, we have compiled essential company email migration strategies to follow for a successful migration to Office 365 email. Time Management Small businesses are always functioning at their highest capacity with all hands on board, which leaves little free time to work on other projects and needs like a company email migration. While IT needs may not seem prominent every day, managing your IT is incredibly important for your entire business as it is the foundation for your website, email,…Read the Rest of Article

12.5 Email Migration Solution Obstacles You’ll Face

Navigating through your company’s email migration solution can be difficult. There’s an abundance of data to handle, security issues to understand, and a lot of time to commit to the project of migration. But we’ve gathered some of the most common obstacles face when it comes to their company’s email migration plan. Email Migration Solution Obstacles You’ll Face 1. Time Commitment When migrating your email to a new server and software, many people underestimate the time commitment it takes to complete the process. Planning and migrating your email does not happen in a day or two. The process takes, on…Read the Rest of Article

Office 365 Business Premium or E3?

After you have made the decision to move your email and productivity services into the Microsoft Cloud, you must select the plan that matches your business requirements. An Office 365 selection is not a simple process as Microsoft Office 365 has a number of suites which are similar in many ways. But there are critical distinctions which must be considered. We’ve summarized the differences between Office 365 Business Premium and Office 365 E3 which continues to confuse buyers. Both suites have similar core offerings: Email, Document Management, Instant Messaging, and presence from Skype for Business and Office Pro Plus (that’s Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)….Read the Rest of Article

Today’s Biggest Email Migration Challenges (And How to Overcome Them)

“Email Migration” is a daunting string of words. And there seems to be an air of mystery that floats behind any conversation about your migration, but it’s time to settle the battlefield with it. The biggest challenge with email migration today is the issue of interrupted service and lost data. But there’s no need to be wary any longer; we’ve complied some great advice to overcome these problems! Get the Word Out about Your Email Migration For both of these challenges, the best solution is to let all the employees at your company and clients of your company know when…Read the Rest of Article

5 Email Migration Service Problems and How to Avoid Them

Email Migration can be a headache. It can be confusing, long, and can leave you feeling frustrated. But we’ve looked at the 5 biggest mistakes during the email migration process and gathered advice on how to avoid them. Don’t fall victim to the perils of a miserable email migration service, get ahead of your problems and prepare for what’s to come. 1) Not being prepared: Migration to a cloud-based email is not a decision to be made over night. When you’ve understood the risk and decided to go through with the business email migration, it’s not a quick process. You have to take…Read the Rest of Article

How to Choose the Right Email Migration Service

If you have already decided on moving email to the cloud and are fairly certain that you don’t want to perform a self-service migration, then the next step on your migration journey is to select an email migration service provider – but how do you pick the right one? While your selection should by no means be taken lightly, there are a few tips to narrow down the list of potential providers. Migration Methods There are three main migration methods that providers can offer. These are staged, hybrid, and cut-over. Staged involves moving over users and data in batches, or…Read the Rest of Article

4 Reasons Why You Need Email Archive Systems Right Now

Have you ever wanted to show someone something that you had been working on, but weren’t able to find it? Or at least, it took ages before you were able to hunt it down. A lot of times, businesses have the same problem with their old emails. They need to access an old file that wasn’t saved, but they aren’t able to find it because there are tons of emails to sort through on the mail server. For many businesses, this can be troublesome at best and downright fatal for an organization at worst. Luckily, there’s a solution to counteract…Read the Rest of Article

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