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Boost Productivity with a File Share Migration to SharePoint Online

sharepoint-online-with-office-365Document management is the name of the game today. Modern document management and collaboration tools such as Microsoft’s SharePoint Online enable businesses of all sizes to establish and maintain complete control of their business processes.

Having all your internal documents, working drafts and published content together in one multifunctional cloud-based system that can be accessed by all team members anywhere and anytime means everything gets done faster. There’s even a SharePoint mobile app for Apple and Android users, so you can get important work done on the go.

Other benefits of using a document collaboration tool include rapid, thorough multi-party document review, version control, and the increasingly valuable ability to dig into your “information architecture”. SharePoint Online also offers free automatic cloud backup of documents and a free terabyte of cloud storage with every account.

Avoid Duplicate Costs, Save Money

Many organizations today still store documents on a file server on site, which results in ongoing expenses for server support, storage, and backups. However, in many cases, these enterprises are spending money they don’t have to.

That’s because many small- and medium-size businesses use Office 365 for email, and do not realize that their Office 365 package includes free document storage and management in SharePoint.

Strategic SaaS Offers Customized File Share Migrations to SharePoint

File share migrations are not a one-size-fits-all process. Every business is unique and trying to stuff a square peg into a round hole when you undertake a major migration is not a recipe for future success.

When it comes to migrations, you want to work with an IT consulting firm that understands the specific needs of your business and your IT infrastructure. The goal should be a seamless transition of your business processes, not just migrating your data.

Strategic SaaS migration services are designed from the ground up to focus on you and your needs. Our three-step process will ensure that your migration goes off flawlessly and your business operations are fully functional afterwards.

1. Assess your network and needs – Our migration experts work closely with your team to map out your current network and file structure, and discuss your needs and goals for the migration.

2. Plan migration, including steps and schedule – Here we dig into the nitty-gritty of the migration, exactly what will be moved where,  in what order and set up a schedule for the migration.

3. Executing the migration – The actual execution of a file share migration is pretty straightforward. We use trusted third-party software for the migration, and the process lasts from a few hours to a few days depending on the amount of data and the available internet bandwidth.

Based on our experience, a 400 GB SharePoint migration will take around two to three days on average from initial consultation until your new cloud-based business processes are fully functional.

Contact the SharePoint migration experts at Strategic SaaS for a free consultation and estimate about your upcoming file share migration. You will learn everything you need to know during the free 30-minute consultation. We will not only break down the cost of the migration for you, our experienced team can show you how to boost security and improve the efficiency of your business processes. A carefully thought-out file share migration to SharePoint Online gives you the tools you need to take your business to the next level.


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