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Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration Series – Part 1

By Chris King – Senior Technical Engineer October 11, 2017 Series Overview In this series we cover a unique Office 365 migration scenario known as “Tenant to Tenant” migration. Our goal with this series is to educate stakeholders so they can make educated decisions regarding this type of migration, as there are potential risks to be avoided as well as opportunities to save money in the process. We do so by defining key factors, providing example scenarios, and outlining cutover strategies. In Part 1 below, we provide background information on Office 365 tenants and define important key terms so that…Read the Rest of Article

True Collaboration with Strategic SaaS’s Connect Intranet Solution

September 20, 2017 Improve Collaboration, Engagement and Productivity with an Office 365 Intranet An intranet is a private, internal network for an enterprise designed to be accessed by employees. Virtually every business with more than a handful of employees needs an intranet. With an intranet, employees in all departments can get access to the tools and documents they need to get their jobs done quickly and efficiently. The intranet of a typical small- or mid-sized business will at a minimum include: Company calendar Internal/External news (press releases) Key performance indicators (KPIs) Training resources HR and other forms A well-designed company…Read the Rest of Article Strikes a Chord with Legal Firms Using SharePoint Online

By Lacy Omsberg – Senior SharePoint Consultant August 30, 2017 During my 16-years of experience with SharePoint and then SharePoint online, I have worked for many legal firms and in numerous legal departments. The main complaint I hear about using SharePoint as a legal document repository is that it takes too many clicks to upload documents, and users don’t want to take the time to fill in metadata. They are simply too busy to bother. I remember a CEO telling me once that if he goes to more than two places to get something done online, he probably won’t do…Read the Rest of Article

How to make your O365 SharePoint Online migration as easy as possible

By Lacy Omsberg – Senior SharePoint Consultant August 24, 2017 Whether you are migrating from another cloud service or an on-premises email and file share configuration, the task of migrating to O365 can seem daunting.  There are, however, a few things you can do in advance to make the transition less painful and more efficient. Flatten your file share folder structures.  I have spent countless hours trying to fix file structures that are simply too deep and complex. These structures often contain duplicate files, obsolete files, and garbage files. Just making an effort to organize your current file structure will…Read the Rest of Article

Azure AD Connect Updates Causing Password Synchronization To Fail – Solved!

By Chris King – Senior Technical Engineer August 1, 2017 Office 365 administrators should be aware that the latest Azure AD Connect in-place updates may not automatically copy over the setting to sync passwords to Office 365 Azure AD. If AD Connect is configured to upgrade automatically or if manual upgrades are performed, the configuration wizard may need to be run again and password sync re-enabled if password sync failures are encountered. Also covered are instructions to disable Azure AD Connect automatic updates and best practices for future-proofing AD connect from unexpected failures due to credentials issues. Skip the next…Read the Rest of Article

Drilling Down into Document Management Best Practices at Top Law Firms

The term document management has achieved buzzword status over the last couple of years. Not surprisingly, having a document management system in place has also become de rigueur in the modern business world. Document management is especially important for legal practices, as documentation is literally the lifeblood of the profession. That’s also why a growing number of top law firms across the country are choosing to manage their documents using Microsoft Office 365.  Many due to the advanced compliance and security options. Office 365 includes a suite of cloud-based document management tools, such as Microsoft OneDrive for Business and Microsoft…Read the Rest of Article

Learn How SharePoint Online Can Help Law Firms Manage Their Sales Process

Continued growth for your law firm depends on bringing in new clients as well as expanding current customer relationships. Trying to keep your thumb on the pulse of your sales processes while trying to manage the legal side of operations is difficult for even the most talented legal and managerial minds. That’s why so many law firms of all sizes today are using an integrated contact management system such as Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM to centralize all of their sales and customer data. These software suites not only enable you to maintain instant contact with all of your clients,…Read the Rest of Article

Learn How Leading Law Firms are Collaborating with Office 365 SharePoint Online

Running a law practice is a team effort. Getting things done in the modern bureaucratic world requires ability to collaborate with documents, schedules and tasks. No matter how knowledgeable or competent, nobody can do it all, so the ability to easily collaborate with your partners, associates and clients is crucial for effective management of a law practice today. With cloud-based Microsoft Office 365, all you have to do is supply the legal know-how. All of the tools you need for real-time collaboration with your team and your clients comes right out of the box with Office 365. You not only…Read the Rest of Article

Reduce Costs, Improve Reliability and Security by Moving Your Active Directory to the Cloud

A hybrid IT model, where a business moves some but not all of their IT to the cloud, has become popular among small- and medium-sized businesses over the last few years. This kind of hybrid model allows an enterprise to maintain control of key IT assets in-house, while utilizing lower cost cloud services where it makes sense for their business model. However, the cloud tends to grow on you. For most businesses, the numerous security, operational, cost and productivity advantages you enjoy from using cloud services leads to moving more of your IT operations off premises. Many eventually make the…Read the Rest of Article

Boost Productivity with a File Share Migration to SharePoint Online

Document management is the name of the game today. Modern document management and collaboration tools such as Microsoft’s SharePoint Online enable businesses of all sizes to establish and maintain complete control of their business processes. Having all your internal documents, working drafts and published content together in one multifunctional cloud-based system that can be accessed by all team members anywhere and anytime means everything gets done faster. There’s even a SharePoint mobile app for Apple and Android users, so you can get important work done on the go. Other benefits of using a document collaboration tool include rapid, thorough multi-party…Read the Rest of Article

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