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Strategic SaaS has guided over 400 organizations to the Microsoft Cloud.  Let our experience with Microsoft Office 365 topics such as Licensing, Email Migrations, SharePoint Online Migrations and Deploying Services such as Teams improve your experience with the Microsoft Cloud.

Microsoft Teams Best Practices – Build a Company Team

“In organizations (currently fewer than 2500 users), consider enabling  Microsoft Teams for the entire organization, then add all users to a single, company-wide Team. Add common reference items and tasks to this Team to simplify the collaboration and productivity experience for everyone.” –Quick Start – Microsoft Teams Planning Guide For small and mid-sized companies, creating a company Team is a great way to introduce Teams to all your users. Microsoft Teams offers several collaboration features. These features can help your employees be more productive in their daily jobs. But these large amount of features can also overwhelm users sometimes. Creating…Read the Rest of Article

5 Simple Yet Effective Tips for Email Migrations

5 Tips for Email Migrations Technology changed. You’ve been tasked with an email migration and you want to start off on the right foot. You’ve come to the right place! Below are 5 tips from an email migration specialist to help get your project moving. #5 Know Your Options Considering all the technologies available in the market today, there are likely a variety of email migrations strategies available to fit your needs. The best solution doesn’t necessarily require the most expensive tool. In fact, many solutions are a matter of choosing the right steps rather than the right tool. Some…Read the Rest of Article

What is Hybrid | A Hybrid Office 365 Migration Simply Explained

Strategic SaaS has been working with Microsoft Cloud Services for over 9 years. We’ve been answering questions like “What is hybrid?”, “What is a hybrid Office 365 migration?”, and “What are the advantages of Exchange Hybrid?” for quite some time now. We’d like to answer some of those questions here. What is hybrid? In the IT world, “hybrid” generally refers to the configuration of two or more otherwise disparate technologies to create a single, unified solution. In the case of Office 365, an organization can integrate cloud services like SharePoint Online, Skype for Business, and Exchange Online with their on-premises…Read the Rest of Article

Today’s Biggest Email Migration Challenges (And How to Overcome Them)

“Email Migration” is a daunting string of words. And there seems to be an air of mystery that floats behind any conversation about your migration, but it’s time to settle the battlefield with it. The biggest challenge with email migration today is the issue of interrupted service and lost data. But there’s no need to be wary any longer; we’ve compiled some great advice to overcome these problems! Get the Word Out about Your Email Migration For both of these challenges, the best solution is to let all the employees at your company know when the Office 365 email migration will…Read the Rest of Article

Box to OneDrive Migration using FLY

Many companies these days are facing the need for a Box to OneDrive migration. 3rd party migration tools like AP Element’s FLY for Box can assist you in your migration. It migrates Box users’ files to their respective OneDrive for Business document libraries. When performing a Box to OneDrive migration using FLY, it has a particularly handy feature. It can automatically map your Box users to Office 365 users with the same usernames. So if Bill Smith’s username is bill.smith for Box and OneDrive, this user can be automatically mapped. If both systems’ user naming conventions are not the same,…Read the Rest of Article

Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration Series – Part 3

Series Overview In this series we cover a unique Office 365 migration scenario known as “Office 365 Tenant to Tenant migration” which occurs when you migrate from Microsoft Office 365 to Office 365 usually for a merger & acquisition. Our goal with this series is to educate stakeholders so they can make educated decisions regarding this type of migration, as there are potential risks to be avoided as well as opportunities to save money in the process. We do so by defining key factors, providing example scenarios, and outlining cut-over strategies. In Part 1 of this series we discussed key…Read the Rest of Article

Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online Migration Best Practices for User Adoption

It’s no secret that a Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online Migration is complex. Let’s continue our discussion of best practices around SharePoint migrations to Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online. Recall these high-level recommendations as you start planning your next content migration! Rank Content – The 3rd party tools for SharePoint Online Migrations have improved. But be aware of your unique content that cannot be migrated by these tools. 3rd party web parts or custom-coded forms and workflows are common examples. Identify these types of unique content early on in the project. In some cases, the time and cost of migrating…Read the Rest of Article

Microsoft Office 365 Rebranding 101: Email Address Changes

Rebranding Office 365 Email addresses is often the final and most visible milestone in an Office 365 tenant to tenant migration (See Office 365 Tenant to Tenant Migration Series –  The Challenge Defined). You’ve successfully executed the project plan, informed your users, migrated the data, and even modified your MX records. Both organizations are now officially under one roof. So how do we take that final leap and rebrand your users? First, we’ll need to identify where we’ll be performing the work. The location the work is performed in depends on your identity management solution and your source of truth….Read the Rest of Article

SharePoint Migration Best Practices – Part 1: Helping End Users with Content Clean up File Shares and Legacy SharePoint Sites

When planning a SharePoint Migration, helping a department or team review their existing content so that they can determine what content can be removed, archived, or migrated is usually a time intensive process. The business users for a given department or team likely have daily responsibilities and job duties that make it hard for them to stop what they’re doing to review and make decisions about their existing content for the migration to SharePoint or Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Online.   Here are some high-level recommendations: Use 3rd Party Tools to Speed Up Analysis – Tools such as ShareGate  or FolderSizes for…Read the Rest of Article

Migrations from SharePoint Online to SharePoint Online? 4 Myths of Microsoft Office 365 Tenant Mergers

Over the years, many companies have attempted content migrations from their older on-premise content sources to SharePoint Online and One Drive for Business in their Office 365 tenant.  But these same companies are now facing a new challenge with their content through mergers, divestitures, and acquisitions.  That challenge is how to manage migrations from SharePoint Online to SharePoint online from an existing Office 365 tenant to another tenant.  And while this new challenge may seem straightforward to solve, companies should be aware of some common myths and misconceptions about tenant-to-tenant migrations:  Myth 1 – “Let’s run a backup of our…Read the Rest of Article