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Strategic SaaS has guided over 400 organizations to the Microsoft Cloud.  Let our experience with Microsoft Office 365 topics such as Licensing, Email Migrations, SharePoint Online Migrations and Deploying Services such as Teams improve your experience with the Microsoft Cloud.

Office 365 E5 to Replace E4 | Is It The Right Plan for You

The day has come and Microsoft has just released the new Office 365 E5 suite for businesses. This comes after numerous updates so far this week, but the big question is, is the new E5 Office 365 plan right for you and worth the upgrade? Unlike the limited communication tools of E4, E5 will become the ideal SaaS solution to increase potential customers and communication channels. As E5 is rolling out, you’ll have more unlimited features that you’ve never had in the past, including advanced security features for eDiscovery, end user and organizational analytics, Cloud PBX, and PSTN Conferencing. But what does this all mean? The New POTS…Read the Rest of Article

4 Cloud-Based Productivity Solutions Business Execs Fall in Love With

As technology changes the world, our businesses have to react quickly to stay on top. But, as the benefits of technology quickly change, many amazing cloud-based productivity solutions for our businesses that increase efficiency and effectiveness of our time have been introduced to the world. So we compiled a list of executives’ most essential and favorite cloud-based productivity solutions to share with everyone. SharePoint This is our favorite program, and it will quickly become yours too! SharePoint is the a very robust platform because of its versatility as a platform to share programs and documents to all or specific employees at work. This back-end system allows…Read the Rest of Article

The Top 5 Office 365 Implementation Best Practices

Over the last 6 years, after extensive meetings with numerous clients, we’ve found these 5 Office 365 implementation best practices are the most necessary. With so many people facing the same task and problems, we thought everyone who enjoy to hear these top 5 Office 365 implementation best practices! Update Your Network Capacity When migrating to Office 365, one of the most important implementation practices to assess is your network connection and capacity. This means the security of your connection, the reliability of it, and how many GB can be processed per second. Increasing your organization’s network capacity will allow for a faster migration…Read the Rest of Article

Essential Company Email Migration Strategies for Small Businesses

Small businesses have unique struggles separate from the struggles medium and large businesses have, which often include issues of resource allocation. As a small business, we have compiled essential company email migration strategies to follow for a successful migration to Office 365 email. Time Management Small businesses are always functioning at their highest capacity with all hands on board, which leaves little free time to work on other projects and needs like a company email migration. While IT needs may not seem prominent every day, managing your IT is incredibly important for your entire business as it is the foundation for your website, email,…Read the Rest of Article

Office 365 for Financial Services Organizations: A New Look

There is always an issue with balancing your IT Services with your business, and for many industries, there are strict compliance standards to meet, especially financial standards. Fortunately, Office 365 Financial Services helps companies reduce operating costs while increasing productivity and transparency to meet industry standards. Office 365 Financial Services Benefits Cost Optimization One of the best benefits of using Office 365 financial services is the reduction of your company’s overhead costs. A company saves money on hardware and devices because of the cloud reliance and bring your own device initiative allowing employees to use their personal phones while keeping the…Read the Rest of Article

Email Archiving Solutions | Office 365 vs. Mimecast

There are two types of email archiving solutions today that are available to small and medium business owners. In-place archiving and central repository archiving offer very similar services of archiving old emails but with two very different approaches. Mimecast follows the traditional central repository archiving system integrating with your system to store copies of emails. Office 365 email archiving is the new solution: in-place archiving that utilizes Microsoft’s world-class data centers to archive your emails. While both solutions can be utilized for compliance retention purposes and typical retention policies, Office 365 email archiving offers a more integrated, robust, cost-effective, and secure solution for Office 365…Read the Rest of Article

Office 365 Security | Keep Ownership of Your Data

Office 365 succeeds in many areas of the technology world, including having a great security program. Office 365 security is easy to use, reliable, and tested to be strong enough for all sorts of businesses. Security is one of the most important programs to keep up-to-date and running-your clients so employees are relying on the best security for their personal information. The built-in security of Office 365 offers a range of great security options customizable for your company. Built-in Microsoft only offers the best to their Office 365 customers and that includes their phenomenal security system. Microsoft offers 24-hour physical storage at…Read the Rest of Article

How to Manage an Office 365 Deployment

So you’ve read the reviews, done your research, and you’ve decided you want to migrate to Office 365. Why not? It’s the most popular and used service for businesses across the globe, you deserve the best! But when it comes to the migrating to Office 365, it’s a little less clear for you. Well, we’ve published this how to manual on how to managed an Office 365 deployment, just for you! Step 1: Get Prepared The Office 365 Deployment will not just effect you, but it will all of your employees and customers as well. You need to notify your employees…Read the Rest of Article

12.5 Email Migration Solution Obstacles You’ll Face

Navigating through your company’s email migration solution can be difficult. There’s an abundance of data to handle, security issues to understand, and a lot of time to commit to the project of migration. But we’ve gathered some of the most common obstacles face when it comes to their company’s email migration plan. Email Migration Solution Obstacles You’ll Face 1. Time Commitment When migrating your email to a new server and software, many people underestimate the time commitment it takes to complete the process. Planning and migrating your email does not happen in a day or two. The process takes, on…Read the Rest of Article

Office 365 Business Premium or E3?

After you have made the decision to move your email and productivity services into the Microsoft Cloud, you must select the plan that matches your business requirements. An Office 365 selection is not a simple process as Microsoft Office 365 has a number of suites which are similar in many ways. But there are critical distinctions which must be considered. We’ve summarized the differences between Office 365 Business Premium and Office 365 E3 which continues to confuse buyers. Both suites have similar core offerings: Email, Document Management, Instant Messaging, and presence from Skype for Business and Office Pro Plus (that’s Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)….Read the Rest of Article