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Strategic SaaS has guided over 400 organizations to the Microsoft Cloud.  Let our experience with Microsoft Office 365 topics such as Licensing, Email Migrations, SharePoint Online Migrations and Deploying Services such as Teams improve your experience with the Microsoft Cloud.

A Few Quick Ways to Increase SharePoint Adoption

Before rolling out SharePoint to your end users and expecting quick SharePoint adoption, you should evaluate why you acquired SharePoint in the first place. Did you have some technical requirement that needed to be met, was it simply time for IT upgrades, or did you see a specific need from your business and end users that could be fulfilled with SharePoint? I’m sure since you completed the SharePoint evaluation and migration process, you are easily able to identify your key drivers of development. Whether you’re organization completed your SharePoint migration in order to work better together or meet compliance requirements,…Read the Rest of Article

Archive Migration | A Beginner’s Guide

An archive migration is an important aspect of your cloud migration. Not all archives are created equal, and there are many considerations during your migration. You have many options to maximize the benefits of your migration for the specific needs of your end users and your company. When you choose to migrate to Office 365, don’t forget about moving your archives with you in the best way possible for your business. Historically, email archiving was expensive and difficult. The now outdated, proprietary systems needed a very specific tool to migrate the data. Now, with the prevalence of archiving, there are standards for the format of the data…Read the Rest of Article

[Office 365 Case Study] Civeo Moves to Office 365 During Divestiture

At a firm where our clients are pivotal to our success, it is very important to document their satisfaction. We assist in a number of migrations, security, and many other cloud consulting services. Case studies and testimonials are telling evidence of the satisfaction from our services. An example of a satisfied Strategic SaaS client is Civeo as shown in their Office 365 case study. Before Civeo decided to pursue an Office 365 migration with its divestiture from Oil States International, they foresaw a need for cloud computing, evaluated their options, and chose to migrate to Office 365 with experienced migration provider. Read Civeo’s case study or one of…Read the Rest of Article

How to Buy Office 365

Your Licensing Options The Office 365 license that you choose to buy entirely depends on your organization. The Business suite and the Enterprise suite are the two umbrella options, which each have several plans underneath. For organizations with less than 300 users, the Business suite provides communication and document management tools, and some of these plans even include desktop Office applications. The Enterprise suite, which can accommodate any number of users, includes the elements of the Business plans plus additional features like archiving and business intelligence. You can compare Business plans here and Enterprise plans here. Who to Buy Office 365 From You have three options from which to purchase…Read the Rest of Article

Office 365 Plans | Business Essentials vs. Business Premium vs. Business

It is important to understand the needs of your business when choosing an Office 365 plan. The three Office 365 Business options, if you decide to not purchase an Office 365 Enterprise Plan, include Business Essentials, Business Premium, and Business. With the range of price points and features, the different Business Plans let you personalize your Office 365 subscription to your company’s budget and needs. Compare the different Office 365 plans below to decide what the best option for your Office 365 migration.     Office 365 Business Essentials At just $5 per user per month, the Essentials plan offers just that….Read the Rest of Article

How to Switch from Google Apps to Office 365

It’s true, sometimes migrating to the cloud doesn’t turn out to be so satisfying, but that doesn’t mean the cloud is your problem. It may be that the software you’ve chosen isn’t living up to your expectations! The Google Apps for Business software has been slow to progress, which is why many Google customers have or are thinking about making the switch to Office 365. The combination of familiar Microsoft software and enterprise-class support that impresses has led to factual Office 365 growth in recent years. In fact, just last year Bitglass customer Office 365 market share increased from 7.7%…Read the Rest of Article

Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Plan Comparison: E1 vs. E3 vs. E5

If you’ve been looking into  a Microsoft Office 365 Enterprise Plan, E1, E3 and E5 for your business, you’re well aware there are a few options to choose from.  This may make the Office 365 plan comparison process more difficult, especially if you have not made the decision previously or are not familiar with the plans. With each successive level of E1, E3, and E5, you get more, which may be obvious on the Microsoft website, but what exactly is included in each plan when you migrate to Office 365? Read on for our Office 365 Plan Comparison.   And, keep in mind…Read the Rest of Article

Single Sign On Implementation | How to Choose the Right Solution

Most businesses protect themselves at the perimeter with one or more firewalls, and some also add layers of protection inside their network, including intrusion detection and prevention, email filtering, anti-virus and much more. But although these traditional security solutions add valuable layers of protection, none of them provide a silver bullet. Breaches will happen and eventually, perimeter protection will fail and attackers will get inside of your network. Once an attacker is inside of your network, they will obtain valid credentials — usually credentials with a privileged level of access or they will create new credentials and remain inside of your…Read the Rest of Article

9 Email Migration Testimonials that You’ll Be Jealous Of

If you’ve tried to migrate your email from one system to another, you are well aware that, while it sounds like a simple task, in reality, it can be both time-consuming and very frustrating! You may even learn about similar experiences while reading through many email migration testimonials while you’re searching for the right migration solution or service for your organization. No matter how large or small your migration may be, you’ll stumble upon complications, especially if it’s your first time around the block! An email migration can be compared to a language translation; data can get lost as you go from one language to…Read the Rest of Article

Essential Company Email Migration Strategies for Small Businesses

An email migration will greatly affect your company whether you find a partner to help you migrate all the data or if you are attempting it on your own. We know how disruptive and stressful the change can be, so we’ve compiled essential company email migration strategies for small and medium businesses that can help you through the process. Plan Ahead When it comes to such a large data migration, rushing through the job is the easiest way to make a mistake. Before starting any sort of company email migration, make a plan of how much data is being migrated, when…Read the Rest of Article