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A Few Quick Ways to Increase SharePoint Adoption

image_securitycompliance_979x503Before rolling out SharePoint to your end users and expecting quick SharePoint adoption, you should evaluate why you acquired SharePoint in the first place. Did you have some technical requirement that needed to be met, was it simply time for IT upgrades, or did you see a specific need from your business and end users that could be fulfilled with SharePoint? I’m sure since you completed the SharePoint evaluation and migration process, you are easily able to identify your key drivers of development.

Whether you’re organization completed your SharePoint migration in order to work better together or meet compliance requirements, one of your main goals should be to actually get your users to use the new software you’ve invested time and money in! In order to push SharePoint adoption, everyone needs to be on the same page and know exactly what SharePoint is, the value it brings, and how to take advantage of it!

Below are a few quick ways you can increase SharePoint adoption!

Communicate Applicable Use Cases

When you initially announce the roll out of SharePoint to your organization, creating a document that includes relevant company wide use cases will really make a difference. You can do this by reviewing existing pain points each team has, which may have originally been the reason you looked into SharePoint in the first place. Top use cases that can be mentioned business wide include: store, sync, and share content, project management, and being able to quickly find what you need. Prior to using SharePoint it was probably difficult to your users to easily collaborate on documents, stay on track of projects, and easily access the documents they need. Specific examples for your unique business will allow your users to put themselves in the shoes of a SharePoint users.

Involve Leadership

Having the support of leadership is critical to end user adoption of SharePoint. If the leaders of each team are not just as excited as you are about SharePoint, it will be difficult for your end users to believe SharePoint is really of value. Make each of your leaders aware of the business benefits it will create for their specific team. Whether it’s cost reduction, productivity, or risk management, speak the language of that individual team unit.

Enable Change

Change is a difficult subject for most, personally or professionally. Although communicating the plan to your users it critical, you should also allow them to feel as if they own SharePoint so they will participate and become invested in the new solution. Although it’s tempting to role out a closed pilot to specific users, organic learning will enable and excite your users to find how they can benefit from SharePoint all on their own. With an organic roll out, however, you’ll need to have appropriate governance in place from the get go to reduce risk. Your IT team may need to take on a larger set of responsibilities.

Target Your Audience

What this means is that it may be useful to give access to specific teams as appropriate up front. The goal is to give your unique end users access to exactly what they need instead of everything at once so that they’re not overwhelmed and are learning the portions of the software they will be using most. Some portions of SharePoint may be useful for everyone to have access to while some portions may need to be restricted to a specific set of end users.

Boost Confidence

In order to increase SharePoint adoption, your users must be confident and comfortable using the solution. While it seems very obvious that engagement must be accompanied with training, many companies avoid upfront training because the use of formal training for software just hasn’t worked well in the past, and because it also tends to be expensive, it’s difficult to justify the investment. Most end users tend to prefer to learn from their peers or from their own research as learning on the go works better for most. This is exactly why we offer end user training video solutions that users have access to whenever they need it. Our Just in Time learning solutions are much more effective and less costly than formal training and happen to be easy to use and implement as well. Learning how to perform a specific function in SharePoint will be just one click away from your end users!

Our Just in Time Learning solutions avoid the bulky seminars on how to use SharePoint and offer short, specific SharePoint training videos when your users need it the most, while they’re using the software! Download our free whitepaper to learn how this inexpensive solution can increase your ROI of the software and drive end user adoption!



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