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trategic SaaS Licensing Services help your business purchase software licenses quickly and efficiently.

Outstanding support for Microsoft Office 365 services.  Expert guidance on selecting the right licenses.  Mix and match licenses to your needs.

Let Strategic SaaS evaluate your software license needs and help you get an affordable plan.

Mergers & Acquisitions:

Consolidate Messaging, Documents and Servers 


ur goal is to help you realize the benefits of your merger. One of the biggest challenges is merging Information Technology services such as Messaging and Document Systems and Infrastructure while maintaining a secure environment.

That challenge is compounded when the two companies have Microsoft’s Office 365 Tenants. Merging Office 365 accounts requires expertise in the architecture of Office 365 and the multiple approaches to integrating with your internal systems.

We are here to help make the process quick and reduce the disruption to your business.

Case Studies

Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza

Moves to Office 365 in Anticipation
of Future Growth.


Civeo Moves to Office 365
During Divestiture

Ribbon Communications

Ribbon Communications is a global technology company with more than two decades of leadership in real-time communications.

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Based on hundreds of Office 365 business deployments, this whitepaper will help you create a framework for planning a successful Office 365 email migration with 5 best practices that will help guide your way!

Moving to Microsoft Office 365? Get Started With These 5 Best Practices

Increasingly, organizations are moving to the cloud and adopting Microsoft Office 365 because of advantages that include: fast and easy deployment, improved productivity, and lower and more predictable IT costs.

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