Desktop and Device Management

Today’s businesses require scalable desktop and device management solutions to handle a plethora of devices from a multitude of vendors, each with their own integration nuances. Organizations need to be able to effectively manage geographically distributed desktops and mobile devices at peak performance while ensuring security compliance.

Through cost-effective cloud-based desktop and BYOD solutions, Strategic SaaS helps clients improve remote desktop management and security.  We help simplify and streamline device management, reducing the time and cost it takes to deploy and manage company-wide desktops and devices regardless of where they reside.

Our solutions can help you to:

  • Perform security and management tasks remotely
  • Deploy software updates and line-of-business applications consistently
  • Better secure PCs with endpoint protection
  • Serve mobile and remote workforces more effectively
  • Benefit from upgrade rights to Windows 7

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