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By leveraging Microsoft collaboration technologies, Strategic SaaS provides hospitality organizations with cloud services and solutions that transform IT infrastructure and empower businesses with a suite of solutions that are best suited for the growth of your organization.


Hospitality IT Consulting Services

Selecting and implementing software in a hospitality organization can be a daunting task and because of the industry, not so transparent either. Whether your organization is a hospitality management firm or just a small chain of hotels, you probably have control over many different companies and/or brands and are consistently acquiring new customers, meaning keeping communication healthy can be difficult.

But if you want your business to grow, standardization is key.

IT only really works if it aligns with the unique needs and processes of your organization, and that’s exactly why we’ve created an industry vertical for Hospitality IT Consulting, working with various hospitality organizations over the past 6 years! We’ve learned the business, and are able to recommend and migrate your organization to the unique software solutions that are fit for your needs.

We believe our success happens when we provide our clients with a successful experience.

Check out our Hospitality IT Consulting case study with HighGate Hotels, a leading hospitality management firm, serving some of the largest and most sophisticated Hotel Owners.

-Michael Johnson | IT Director of Network & Security

After their Office 365 migration, Highgate Hotels has not only improved their administration processes by cleaning up accounts and standardizing email lists, but also reduced collaboration issues seen amongst scattered teams.


We Offer the Following Hospitality IT Consulting Services and Solutions

  • Email Migration and Consulting Services
  • Office 365 Deployment and Consulting Services
  • SharePoint Online Consulting and Deployment Services
  • Lync Online Consulting and Deployment Services
  • Windows Azure IaaS Consulting
  • And Much More!

Thinking about the full Office 365 Solution for Your Organization?

Office 365 includes your familiar Office apps, document management, unified communications, unlimited storage for each user, and much more. Check out why hospitality organizations choose Office 365!

  1. Communication Consistency
  2. Application Familiarity
  3. Advanced Technology
  4. Best Up-Time Guarantee


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