Although some of the organizations we work with are on a project basis, our main goal is to assess and transform the way our clients do business. By leveraging today’s collaboration technologies, Strategic SaaS determines the right cloud services and solutions for your organization that will transform your IT infrastructure and empower your business with a suite of solutions that are better suited for the growth of your company.



As one of the leading Microsoft cloud migration specialists and Office 365 consultant in the US, Strategic SaaS is well-equipped with the resources and solutions needed to help your organization make its move to the Cloud in a cost-effective and efficient way. Moving any company to the cloud during an Office 365 migration is a project that requires a specific set of expertise and skills.



Whether we’re managing a migration, providing Office 365 Administration, or performing Managed IT Services, we’ve done it all. As a well-established Microsoft Partner, Office 365 consultant, and IT Solutions Provider, we know the ins and outs of most Microsoft and IT solutions, and can help manage your transition or even day-to-day administration of services, providing your IT department the reporting and monitoring they need.

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In 2009, Don MacNeil and Frank Johnson-Suglia founded Strategic SaaS soon after recognizing the significant impact cloud computing and Software as a Service has on IT management. Since then, Strategic SaaS has delivered IT solutions and expertise with a core focus on Microsoft technology and has emerged as a cloud services leader, migrating more than 50,000 users to using Software as a Service. As companies transition from an asset-focused to a service-oriented approach to IT management, we are here to guide your company every step of the way.

As an experienced Microsoft cloud services partner and Office 365 consultant, Strategic SaaS helps companies transition core infrastructure, messages, and unified communications to the cloud. In addition, we offer managed IT services, allowing organizations to remove all the effort and time associated with network asset management and security and focus on business critical applications.

With hundreds of successful implementations and exceedingly satisfied clients, we have the knowledge and expertise to guide customers throughout their transition to the cloud.

  • Our Project Methodology

    IT only really works if it aligns with the unique needs and processes of your business, so at Strategic SaaS we understand that IT is about your organization’s future, about really creating a roadmap for your business with a long term strategy to ensure profit from change. We approach project development and deployment from every angle, and our Managed IT Services are customized to fit the unique needs of a business. Our expert project teams combine business and technical expertise, leveraging these skills to deliver remarkable service.

  • Our Team

    Our Strategic SaaS teams consists of several technology veterans that have over two decades of success in software and technology services. Their industry knowledge and expertise, coupled with a suite of amazing solutions is what has really driven the success of Strategic SaaS!

  • Our Partners

    Our ability to offer clients comprehensive cloud solutions is supported by strategic relationships we’ve made with the world’s most respected technology companies. Some of our partners include Microsoft, SecureAuth, Mimecast, Proofpoint, and Nuix. As an Office 365 consultant and certified Silver Microsoft Partner, Strategic SaaS services as a participant on Microsoft’s Partner Advisory Council and is recognized with several competencies.

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